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cool_dude 06-27-2004 2:55 PM

I ride goofy foot. I just learned to do 180's in the air. But i have a lot of trouble turning back around. It takes a long time. Usually it's accidental. And most of the time i slam my face into the water.

malibuboarder75 06-27-2004 3:17 PM

try surface 180s <BR>

cool_dude 06-27-2004 3:20 PM

No i land the 180 in the air. So im riding switch. Then i can't do a surface 180 back around.

malibuboarder75 06-27-2004 3:51 PM

well you have to pull the handle to your rear hip to make you slide around. Make sure you lean back just a little. pulling the handle to your rear hip will make you slide back around. If you have really big fins, you might have to hop a little to get the fins loose.

07-06-2004 7:58 AM

This is something that really helped me when I was learning them. When you are first getting up, from a deep water start, dont straighten out your board. Just keep it sideway's. You wont catch that front edge because you are still leaning back from getting up. You will be suprised how long you can just slide sideways. This will help you find out just how much you need to point your toes, and where your weight needs to be so you wont catch that edge when you go to try the surface 180. Also, when trying the surface 180, do it when riding up the wake instead of out in the flats. The fins will release much easier this way. Start on the outside of the wake and initiate the turn as soon as you carve up the wake. Then edge back outside in your regular stance.

09-26-2004 7:06 PM

instead of doing a switch surface 180 do one in the air

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