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overwaters 06-26-2004 7:51 PM

hey i can do whirlys on the trampoline and have my tantrums done 100%. so i want to try a whirly on the water. so could some one give me some advice on how to do it on the water step by step? thanks!!!

smalls136 06-26-2004 9:58 PM

dude I'm in the same situation. Ive tried em a lot but i always get stretched and just end up doin a tatrum 2 blind. sorry I can't help.

overwaters 06-27-2004 10:33 AM

yeh me to it feels like your doing a whirly but when u land ur blind and its wierd so now im throughing it extra hard and i loose all my pop and and fall.

06-28-2004 1:22 PM

Don't throw your head first. Make sure to pull your arm across your face and your head will follow in the rotation. Just learned my first one a little over a week ago, and I landed 2 of them so that is the main thing that helped me finally get it. When I throw my head first I tend to feel like I get hung up...or just stuck in the air w/ a slow incomplete rotation.

that_nate_kid 06-30-2004 1:36 PM

ok here is the big ticket for this move. come in to the wake like a tantrum, but before you let go with your back hand, pull with both hands to initiate your lead arm coming across your face. otherwise it can be tough to get your arm across your face with just one hand. it takes some timing but it makes it a lot easier. so come in square up, pull with both arms spin/flip and land. good luck

07-18-2004 10:23 PM

Dear all, <BR> <BR>I am doing a tantrum quite welle all time... <BR>Now the next logical steps is that I would liekt to try fopr a whirly.. <BR> <BR>Hoa dificult this trick is when you succeed tantrum ? <BR> <BR>regards <BR>serge

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