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06-25-2004 11:55 PM

ive only been out two times so far so im still a bit rusty, but i have always had this problem. I think one of the reasons i dont get as much pop as i could is i literally release my back hand as i hit the wake, and go w2w with only one hand on the handle. My little brother, sister and all my friends can keep both hands on but for some reason basic instinct is to let go for balance. i will say the two times i have gone w2w with both hands firmly planted, they were the two biggest, smoothest jumps i have made, but i cannot replicate it. are there any tricks to keeping both hands tight, or do i just have to think hard not to let go? it always feels like my balance is gone when i have both hands on, thanks

06-26-2004 10:48 AM

it really dosent matter if you let go with one or hold on with both hands. it all matters on your cut to the wake. just remeber always try to cut all the way through the wake.

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