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06-23-2004 11:42 PM

Hey, I have had the roll to revert pretty consistant for a while, and was wondering how hard it is to advance it to a mobe 3. Any advice or tips would be nice.

smalls136 06-24-2004 8:57 AM

u mind giving me a tip on the r2r. I'v been trying it the past day or so and always seem to fall back on the landing. thanx <BR>

canaday 06-24-2004 10:14 AM

It's not really that much of a larger step, try taking your roll to revert straight up and going really high, but wake to wake. From there you just have to try holding on with two hands till you are starting your turn to revert. At that point you should pull with both hands like a normal frontside 3. Watch higher education and look at the online trick tips.

malibuboarder75 06-24-2004 6:58 PM

after the roll 2 revert you gotta look around for your landing to finish the 360. If you dont look around you will do like a 270 and land wrapped up. make sure u look around your shoulder for the landing. can you do them on the tramp...that really helps. you can spot your landing no problem on the tramp.

06-24-2004 7:52 PM

I don't have a tramp, so I can't do them on there, but I know what you're saying with looking over your shoulder, that makes a lot of sense. As far as landing the R2R, I used to always slide out on my but too. It helps if you wait for the pop and take it up high jump of the wake like a backroll but I look a little harder over my left shoulder (I ride regular). you should be able to rotate to fakie or pretty close with two hands. Then I tuck my chin down to spot the landing, this will force your upper body to lean over your toes when you land. I also let go with my left hand as I near the water. The key though is to look down and spot the landing so you lean over your toes and keep an edge on them. It also helps a lot to learn the toeside backroll. The roll to revert ends the exact same as a toeside backroll only you land switch. Hope that helps.

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