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that_nate_kid 06-23-2004 2:16 PM

Hey Everyone, <BR>I was just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to grab some inverts. I have a solid, tantrum, backroll, mexi-roll, and a couple hit or miss flips but i cant grab any of them. I can make it look like i am grabbing my tantrum indy but I miss the board by a couple inches. I really want to grab the back roll but it doesnt even feel like i am close. Thanks <BR>

06-23-2004 4:23 PM

Tantrum - focus on making the grab before the flip right after the kick. <BR>backroll - melon often seems like the easiest way to grab for me. Sometime people have trouble holding from going revert. I do like a nice tail grab with a backroll too though. NOt difficult but can get you leaning back on your landing.

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