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west 06-23-2004 3:34 AM

What's the best tip you can give on these. I have a pretty solid raley. I know it's nothing like a raley but what can I expect??

06-23-2004 2:00 PM

grab before you extend. If you don't it iwll be a lot harder to get the grab

smalls136 06-24-2004 9:05 AM

It helped me to do it off a double up the first couple of times . try that. also grab before u let it out

west 06-27-2004 9:03 PM

Well I went out and tried some this weekend and I actually landed the first one I tried. I just didn't get the grab (so I guess it wasn't really a hoochie huh). Thats really my only problem. I get my board behind me fine and plenty of pop. I'm not having a problem with bringing it down either. I'm going for the grab really early too but its not there. I watched myself on video and noticed myself going for the grab early but I don't think I have my knees bent enough to get it. Any help??

06-28-2004 1:38 PM

As you rise up the wake, don't straighten your legs out all the way. Keep your kness bent as you come off the wake. This will help you bring your knees up before the board extends.

west 06-28-2004 5:09 PM

I appreciate it. What happens if I grab it too early??

west 07-06-2004 6:14 PM

I keep getting all tweaked out in mid-air. Almost to the point that I can't get it down. The nose of the board always ends up pointing to the sky. Whats up with this??

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