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overwaters 06-22-2004 6:17 PM

this is another kick ass trick and hard as hell. to me anyways. is what i do is try to do a b roll with a handle pass. the last time i tried i was afraid to have anough air and time so i threw it a lil fast and did a seven and rode away without the rope the second time i slowed it down and it felt realy wierd like i was upside down and the third time i was in the air and tried getting the handle and i stayed on my back until i felt the handle and i was soo happy to spot the landing when i realized it was like 2 feet tell water and came hard down on my back. it scared me away from another atempt is there any tips u could give me cuz i want to learn this trick so bad should i go off a dub or normal/ thanks

06-26-2004 9:37 PM

who do you ride with on strawberry?

overwaters 06-27-2004 10:35 AM

i ride with eric hesch a lil not much anymore and i used to ride with bob vesina back in the day. but rite now i ride alone

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