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drewsmug 06-22-2004 5:15 PM

so i was reading this months magazine. the one that has like 150 trick tips and what not. and on one of the tips for spins it said to make sure you know the three different types of handle passes. i think one was cuffed and i don't remember the other two. can somebody explain to me what all three are and how to do them because the magazine didn't touch base on that. thanks

06-22-2004 9:58 PM

the other is blind and the other is the actual handle pass.

jwat142 06-23-2004 6:04 AM

You are probably refering to a backside 180 and the three different ways you can land them. When doing a backside 180 or any rotation for that matter, you can either pass the handle early, land cuffed or land blind. The below explanations will be as if you are riding with your left foot forward and doing a heelside backside 180. <BR> <BR>Early handle pass = you would actually pass the handle from your left hand to your right hand before you land the trick and would ride away with the handle in your right hand. <BR> <BR>Cuffed landing = you would do the backside 180 and land with both hands behind your back on the handle and then let go with your left hand after you have landed. <BR> <BR>Wrapped landing = you would do the backside 180 and land with the handle still in your left hand with the rope wrapped behind you. Then after landing, you would grab the handle with your right hand so you can continue to ride like you normaly would. <BR> <BR>Hopefully this helps. Someone please correct me if I am wrong on any of the descriptions. Thanks.

drewsmug 06-23-2004 9:34 PM

alright <BR>so not as complicated as i thought <BR>thanks for your help

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