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jonm 06-22-2004 3:32 PM

I am trying to learn a basic HS backroll. Just got some video of my attempts from last night (sorry I can't post it). I notice that I have the pop and come down on my board (usually), but I am always rotating towards revert. One time I actually came down on my board switch (about a millisecond before I bailed hard). What am I doing wrong?

that_nate_kid 06-22-2004 7:22 PM

Here is about the best advice i can give ya. hold the handle with both hands on your lead hip and hold it there through your whole trick. Otherwise i would say, dont throw the trick so much away from the boat. that will throw you to revert as well.

06-28-2004 7:28 AM

I had the same problem last year with this trick and it was suggested that I let go with my back hand causing the line tension to naturally staighten me out until I got a feel for the rotation. This worked well and after a few tries and getting a feel for it I was able to go back to two hands without trouble. I actually found that after being out for a long time due to injury(tantrum attempt gone bad) and then winter that I am now contending with the same problem and will have to go through this process again myself. Good luck.

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