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chudog2 06-21-2004 4:23 PM

Just bought a new Calabria and have been wake surfing about 4 days a week. Now that I have gotten pretty good (don't need the rope), I tend to stay up and ride for 10-20 mins at a time. But am worried about carbon monoxide poisoning as last night and today my head feels heavy and my eyes hurt. Done a bit of research but what does everyone think...how worried should I be? How long can I ride and how many days a week?

jklein 06-25-2004 4:09 PM

This report is very interesting. It can't answer your question directly, but there's some really good information in there. <BR> <BR>PDF File : <a href="http://safetynet.smis.doi.gov/teakfinal.pdf" target="_blank">http://safetynet.smis.doi.gov/teakfinal.pdf</a>

awiggy33 06-27-2004 7:47 PM

trade the calabria im and get a centurion with sideswipe exhaust...you can make the exhaust go out the side of the boat you arnt riding...pretty cool huh? i think you can have it put in your boat too, but its costs a lot cause the got a patent on it <BR>-andy

alan_bogdanoff 06-27-2004 8:05 PM

It's funny how the both of you - Sandi and Andy <BR>Just registered a few days ago and are throwing stones at Calabria. <BR> <BR>Better check your selves and stop trying to fool the boat industry. <BR> <BR>This always happens this time of year. <BR>Check last years posts - same time of year. <BR> <BR>Let's all be a happy bunch of riders just having a great time. Let's all just chill out and have fun. <BR> <BR>Let's not turn Wake surfing into a boat vs. boat war. <BR> <BR>It's summer - let's just all go out and ride and have a good time. <BR> <BR>Life's too short. And Summer even shorter! <BR>Peace

hockeyruss 06-28-2004 4:20 AM

Alan, I don't think he means to turn this into a boat war, but side exhaust is a pretty good idea. I have had a few bu's and when wake surfing the exhaust can get to you. The newer vlx's if you put the wedge down when surfing, the exhaust gets directed right where you surf. Be careful if you stay back there more than 10 minutes. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by hockeyruss on June 28, 2004)

chudog2 06-28-2004 9:54 AM

First, this has absolutely nothing to do with "throwing stones at eh boat industry". I LOVE my Calabria and I am a happy rider! I just want opinions on if anyone else is having issues with CO1 or not. Riding longer and longer now and it still seems a bit scary if all the reports are true of poisoning. Just wondering if anyone had any real info on the situation.

ag4ever 06-28-2004 11:39 AM

I was talking to a rep of one of the top three boat mfgs, and he said they looked at the side exhaust, but found out that the wind around the boat actually rolled the exhaust up the side and right where the rider would be. This is just what he said, so take it at face value. He also said they are still looking for a viable means of getting the exhaust away from the rider.

alan_bogdanoff 06-28-2004 7:31 PM

Sandy, <BR>Calbria has a clean air exhaust system which they can put on your boat. Call them up. <BR>I have it on my Calabria, and noticed the biggest difference. <BR>We ran a wake surfing contest this last weekend and everybody was stoked on the new exhaust.

jayreese 06-28-2004 8:02 PM

Alan, <BR>how much did that system cost, I think that would be a good investment.

alan_bogdanoff 06-28-2004 8:54 PM

Jay, <BR>You will have to check with the manufacturer. <BR>Call Calabria or Trick Boards - they should stear you in the rite direction. <BR>Good luck. <BR> <BR>

jayreese 06-28-2004 9:10 PM

Alan, <BR>Thanks i will call Ryan or Dave at Calabria tomorrow.

lksamm 06-29-2004 5:42 PM

I just got my '04 Centurion Enzo (which throws a SICK wake) with SideSwipe and it's great. I send the exhaust out the opposite side we ride and you don't notice it at all. Since the exhaust is being blown down the side of the boat you can sit in the back with out any fumes. This being said I surf behind all types of boats and at wake surfing speed everything I have experienced and read says the exposure you receive is very minimal.

jayreese 06-29-2004 6:30 PM

Alan, <BR>I talked to Ryan today and he explained the system to me. It sounds like Calabria, Centurion and some of the other boat manufacturers are sharing alot of info in hopes that the whole boating community will be safer with this sport. How has the system Calabria has come up with affected your wake and speed? It sounded like it was pretty minimal but I believe you are one of the few who has it because it is pretty new.

alan_bogdanoff 06-29-2004 9:08 PM

Hey Jay, <BR>Ryan will hook you up. <BR>The system works. We had no fumes all day During the Wake Surfing event. A lot of the contestents even noticed that. <BR>As of now - I have not noticed any difference in perrfomance both in wake surfing and wake boarding. <BR>I hope this post helps you out. <BR> <BR>

chudog2 06-30-2004 8:44 AM

Mark, Does your exhaust and Sideswipe switch back and forth from goofy to regular riders?

lksamm 06-30-2004 8:57 AM

Yep, I have a 3-position switch on the dash to send exhaust out both sides, just right or just left. It really makes a huge difference.

rson 06-30-2004 9:23 AM

I love carbon monoxide, gives me the feeling like I am flying when I am surfing.

lksamm 06-30-2004 9:41 AM

We wouldn't even attempt this without the SideSwipe- <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/559019/176821.jpg" alt="belly ride">

niap101 07-03-2004 5:54 AM

The following is posted by Larry Mann - Fresh Air Exhaust. <BR>In general, wakesurfers are exposed to little carbon monoxide but the people in the back of the boat may be exposed to quantities large enough to cause headaches and other symptoms. However, with the proper wind conditions, the surfer could also be exposed to increased carbon monoxide levels. Pregnant women should be particularly cautious since the developing child is especially susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning. Calabria boats had the Fresh Air Exhaust system installed for the wakesurfing competition. The system works, VERY WELL. Not only does it remove carbon monoxide from wakesurfing and the back of the boat, it also reduces air pollution, and does not interfere with the wakeboard wake or boat performance}. For further information, please check out the carbon monoxide study at: <BR><a href="http://www.freshairexhaust.com" target="_blank">www.freshairexhaust.com</a> <BR>

heirborn 07-26-2004 5:51 PM

I have the fresh air exhaust on my 2000 Eclipse V drive and love it. The exhaust makes a huge difference. Surfing is very pleasent, sitting on deck while someone is surfing and being able to talk to them and hear the stereo is an added bonus. Wakeboarding wake is uneffected. There is a little bit more spray just behind the boat, no biggie. Slalom wake is good. When you are in the water, you do notice the water vibrating as the exhaust is well below the water line, pretty funky feeling. Exhaust note is greatly reduced, WOT note is still very cool. I recommend 'em.

chudog2 07-27-2004 8:42 AM

Thanks. How much is the fresh air exhaust system?

heirborn 07-28-2004 6:25 PM

Check out their website <a href="http://www.freshairexhaust.com" target="_blank">www.freshairexhaust.com</a>.

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