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txwkbrdr06 06-18-2004 3:55 PM

Ok, so yesterday me and two guys got behind the boat and all wakeskated together... it was the first time I have gone and I am hooked! I got up the first try and we were cuttin and surface spinning and everything! Guess it helps having a wakeboarding and surfing background.. anyways I am hooked! It was so much fun. Just wanted to say that wakeskating rox my face off.. and what kinda tricks should I be looking to try? I don't even know what's cool or not.. tried going on our ghettoass homemade slider but couldn't land it haha. Holla back!

scott_a 06-19-2004 10:13 PM

thats cool. i started last year by just messing around on my bro's catalyst. i wasnt really super into it until i rode my friend's cassette concave earlier this summer. ever since then ive been pretty stoked on skating. recently ive pretty much been wakeskating instead of wakeboarding. a few weeks ago was given the choice whether to skate or board behind a sacked out super air team, and i chose to skate. today i rode behind a malibu, and broght nothing more than my vest, some money and my skate shoes. i skated on my friend's cassette... <BR>so there is my story, whether you wanted to hear it or not... <BR> <BR>since ive really only gotten into skating recently, here are some things ive started doing. maybe this will help you since you have also just kinda gotten into skating... <BR>riding switch. a lot. <BR>ollying. lately ive been also ollying switch, and also ollying onto the wake. <BR>lipslides. pretty self explanatory. <BR> <BR>one thing that i really love is the fact that i just cant get mad or frustrated when i wakeskate. sometimes when i wakeboard i would get really mad cuz i couldnt get a solid grab or couldnt land even a 180 on a good/bad/etc day, but this just doesnt happen when i skate. even if i eat it a thousand times i'll get back in the boat with a smile on my face...

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