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wiltok 06-14-2004 5:45 PM

Just got my first barefoot wetsuit. After trying it on - it seems like besides footin' it would be ideal for kneeboarding. Plenty of padding in the butt and legs, good freedom of movement and built in flotation. Anyone use one?

boarditup 06-15-2004 6:25 AM

Yeah, I do. Barefoot International.

tuneman 06-17-2004 7:12 AM

Dan Henning uses one and I used to until mine wore out. Now I use neoprene slalom shorts and a vest which is easier to take off so I can stay cooler in the hot sun. <BR> <BR>The barefoot suits also work very well when learning new tricks. They are less bouyant than a life jacket, so crashes can be less painful.

11-24-2004 1:48 PM

I wear a long Speedo(DONT INSULT ME!!!)and no shirt.I found the shirt stick too much and limits movment.

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