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06-14-2004 3:26 PM

we just got a mastercraft maristar and i have noticed that its wake is alot wider than the boat we used to have and im having trouble clearing the wake everytime i was wondering what i should do should i shorten the length of the rope or what is the best length to put the rope at

06-14-2004 3:46 PM

shorten the rope by 5' untill you feel confortable riding. There is no one rope length that is right..its just preference... see what you like best

that_nate_kid 06-17-2004 8:06 PM

Just look to see where your wake is breaking ( folding over) you want to be ahead of that point by a few feet.

brhanley 06-18-2004 9:11 AM

Depends on speed and weight in the boat. Generally, more weight = higher speed (to plane). Longer rope = higher speed (to make wake non-white wash). Play around with all three until you find the right speed, weight, and rope length. <BR>Those big M-crafts do have wide wakes. You'll get used to it eventually &amp; like it (lets you go bigger/more hang-time and still land on tranny). Good luck.

06-18-2004 10:38 AM

thax all <BR>

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