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wakeborder5 06-12-2004 9:43 PM

Has anyone ridden any of the TrickBoardz? I am looking into getting one, especially the surfskate. Right now I have a Broadcast, but my friend also has one and I want a smaller one that I can try more tricks on.

blitzpb 08-19-2004 2:16 PM

I bought one a couple of months ago. So far we love it! Its really squirly though, even with the fins on. We had been using LF's skimskate before this and the LF is definitely easier to ride. In fact, I barely learned to stand up on the skimskate before I bought the Surfskate. The board (medium)is really hard to ride if you are a bigger rider. Im 190-195 and its pretty hard for me to find the sweet spot. I can surf the skim real easy now that I have been practicing the surfskate but I still like to ride the surf more than the skim. You can do many more tricks on this board than you can on the bigger one. Its a nice balance having both boards though. You have one for hard riding with lots of tricks, and one for '65 pink caddy driving.

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