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06-11-2004 2:34 PM

how high do i need to jump to make a backroll easier to land i heard it was an "all or nothing" trick so i dont want to get to short

06-11-2004 3:55 PM

Yup it's just like horseshoes and hand granades like you said, all or nothing chief. You got that plan, now you just gotta go out are realize your dream. Pull in, carve it, rip it, stomp it. NOW GO GET IT!

bradb 06-11-2004 4:47 PM

Thomas, <BR>Height isn't really that much of a concern. Can you consistantly go wake-to-wake? Every once in a while on my trick ski I smack the top of my head on the water on the way around, but still land them! <BR>The key is a really strong progressive edge. <BR>The other thing to note is that hs backrolls seem to me to be one of the more forgiving inverts for people to learn as far as crashes go... You'll try it the first time and go, "Gee... That didn't really hurt!". Then go try it again! <BR>Enjoy, <BR>B <BR>

06-13-2004 11:28 PM

yeah i can easly go w2w

06-14-2004 6:06 AM

What you want to do is come in on a nice progressive edge, don't flatten off at the wake, you want to edge all the way through it. You can kinda use the wake to throw the board up and above you (but don't use it too much or you'll roll but not get any distance). You can also use your head to help. Once you've popped off the wake turn your head in the direction you are flipping and that should help too. Good luck!!

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