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aaronlee13 06-11-2004 1:32 PM

Anyone know where to demo wakesurk board other than hyperlite in the East bay? Fremont, Dublin Livermore area? I've tried ski world and they just have hyperlite. Looking for any others to demo!

aaronlee13 06-14-2004 4:27 PM

any thing?

gb_rider 06-25-2004 8:56 AM

Let me know what your looking for, I'm the Phase 5 rep and I'll be in WI in a few weeks or sooner. <BR> <BR>

aaronlee13 06-25-2004 11:45 AM

never ridden Phase 5, i just want to ride different boards to find out more of what i want to buy... i'm out in CAli

gb_rider 06-25-2004 1:46 PM

I thought East bay, Fremont, were in WI

aaronlee13 06-25-2004 5:03 PM

i would love to demo them... if possible

waker146 06-25-2004 6:50 PM

I'm in WI, where are you going to be gb rider? Does that gb rider mean Green Bay. cause I'm from neenah

aaronlee13 06-28-2004 11:48 AM

Gator Boards?

waker146 06-29-2004 9:15 PM


gb_rider 06-30-2004 12:47 AM

Yep, Gator Boards, I'm the Rep for that too! <BR> <BR>Planning a trip through WI in 2 weeks I think. I'll keep you informed. <BR> <BR>I'll probably go to Fort Fremont Marine on the Fox River. if thats near Neenah.

waker146 06-30-2004 2:05 PM

about 20-25 minutes west of neenah with the new highway. Hopefully I won't have to work

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