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liquidforce 06-10-2004 12:13 AM

well last summer I could do tantrums but so for this year i have only landed a few. I land on the board but i am never standing tall any tips to get just a little more rotation so I can land clean.

blake_hughes 06-10-2004 9:30 AM

Danny, <BR> <BR>Your edge/speed combination might not be what it needs to be. Try edging a little harder, with a little bit more speed. You'll have more pop off the wake, so you'll have to slow your rotation down just a little bit. I've found that the more pop/height I get, the more time I have to rotate around, and spot my landing... That alone makes landing the tantrum a lot easier. Be sure that you aren't initating the flip too early. Some people, including myself, get a little anxious and actually throw the backflip before leaving the wake. Also, I've heard grabbing indy helps out a lot. When you grab indy, your body tucks, which makes you rotate faster. Try those few things, and I'm sure you'll be able to land them all day long. Let me know how it works out. <BR> <BR>-Blake

liquidforce 06-10-2004 6:27 PM

Thanks ill give it a try next time i go and let you know how it goes

afrodeziak 06-11-2004 5:51 PM

go form knees bent to stanting completely straight up when you hit the wake... then flip once you've popped... <BR>that standing tall part kept me from breaking waist and i finally land them now, i used to stay low then pop at the wake, stand tallllllll!

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