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06-09-2004 4:31 PM

Hey in order to do a 360 off the wake, should you know how to do a w2w 180 1st?? <BR>Ill take any tips cause tomorrow i wanna try the 360 but it'll just be a stab in the dark. <BR> <BR>eLiSabeth

bradb 06-10-2004 9:47 AM

Elisabeth, <BR>It is certainly possible to learn a 3 before a 180, but if you learn the basics and learn them well (ie. learn a bunch of different 180s first) you will progress much faster in the long run. <BR>Make sure you have popped off the wake before you try to spin. Pull the handle into your hip back hip to start you spinning (don't throw your shoulders). <BR>Good luck. <BR>B <BR>

fox 06-11-2004 7:26 AM

2 issues of WBM ago, they had an article to tell you to learn 2 kinds of 180's ( I forget which) that when you put them together equal a 360 exactly. I would think it would be easier to start out with 180's and get comfy that to bust the three's. Buddy of mine is doing wrapped threes and really taking some hard falls. <BR> <BR>Eric

06-15-2004 4:28 PM

definetly learn the 180's first, you will save your self from a lot of hard falls. just start out with some one wake 180's and build from there. dont get in the habit of hucking everyting super hard to learn tricks your not ready for. If you start with the basics your riding will be much more smooth and consistent. good luck

06-17-2004 3:30 PM

i back what matt says

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