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zigzagsd 06-08-2004 6:36 PM

quick question - how do i remove programs that automatically startup when i boot my system? the user before me added a bunch of crap that i can't prevent from starting up. i already tried Run>msconfig and i get an error window. <BR> <BR>any suggestions? i'm using windows 2000 pro on NT.

06-09-2004 5:46 AM

Msconfig does not exist on win 2k. If the programs you want to kill are not in the start up folder in start menu you will have to edit the registry. You can screw stuff up in the registry very easily. I recomend search on google for "end it all" or "enditall". This application can be used to shut down everything runnng in the background inlcuding stuff MS task manager won;t let you kill. <BR> <BR>Registry key is (if you want to edit it) <BR> <BR>HKEy local Machine; Software; microsoft; windows; current version; Run. <BR> <BR>That is from memory if it is wrong let me know.

zigzagsd 06-28-2004 11:44 AM

thanks for the help, JZ.

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