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geet 06-05-2004 5:37 AM

Which flip is the easiest to start with, what is the technique?

slob180 06-05-2004 9:45 AM

The first invert I learned was the tantrum. It is the easiest, in my opinion to visualize. The technique is just like doing a backflip off of a diving board or poolside. Take a heelside progressive edge in towards the wake as you approach the wake turn your shoulders towards the shore and come off edge. When you feel the wake start to pop you up, just throw your head and shoulders back slightly and you should pop all the way around. Took me about ten times before I got it. If you do it right the wipeouts don't hurt, even if you don't land it. <BR>TS front roll I have tried about 100 times and have only landed three and I get worked every time I try a backroll, partly because it is so hard for me to visualize the rotation needed for the trick. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps. <BR> <BR>Chris

geet 06-05-2004 10:39 AM

Chris: Thanks for the help. I will report back next week. I was too sore and tired on Thurday th try many tricks as we rode Motocross the night before.

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