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dkmode34 06-02-2004 6:42 PM

Today at the lake my brand new zeuses tore right below the back strap.since they r brand new they havent been broken in yet so without the strap i couldnt get my big ass fott in em. it totally ruined my trip. has anyone else had this problem . im gunna raise some cain with the dealer who i bout them from.

dakid 06-02-2004 6:44 PM

I know a couple guys whose Zeus ripped, right at the eyelet, so you're not alone. They took it to their shop and got replacements.

jnewcom 06-02-2004 6:54 PM

I have some that I have been using for the second yr now, and I have had no problems. I wear a size 13 shoe, and I've always been bad on bindings. Usually every year I had to get a new pair, but these have been the best yet.

seaswirlmike 06-02-2004 7:15 PM

i had a problem with the toe part of the overlay ripping and had that fixed last summer, then just last weekend two of the eye holes ripped out but my local shop (ski world castro valley) always fix's me up proper!!

needca 06-02-2004 7:24 PM

call customer service at CWB, they sent me 3 replacement overlays and they're fairly easy to replace

jarrod 06-02-2004 9:03 PM

Mike, I buy from Skiworld too. Brian always hooks it up. If it breaks, he makes it right. I just bought my Zeus! Hopefully they last.

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