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xtremebordgurl 06-02-2004 7:32 AM

Did anyone go? Who won? What were the results? Anyone have any pics or any details from/of the event?

supraman 06-02-2004 7:55 AM

I believe Ike, Tino and Harf finished 1,2,3. <BR> <BR>My buddy was there and said Ike pulled a sick W2W OA 720. Niiiice. <BR> <BR>Parks threw his double half-cab, too.

wakeworld 06-02-2004 1:48 PM

WOMEN'S <BR>Wakeboarding <BR>1. Dallas Friday USA 38.80 <BR>2. Emily Copeland USA 34.74 <BR>3. Tara Hamilton USA 28.82 <BR>4. Maeghan Major USA 25.01 <BR>5. Lauren Loe USA 21.27 <BR> <BR>MEN'S <BR>Wakeboarding (Heat 1) <BR>1. Danny Harf USA 45.74 <BR>2. Tino Santori USA 42.94 <BR>3. Jeff Weatherall NZE 42.20 <BR>4. Brett Eisenhauer AUS 40.53 <BR>5. Shawn Watson USA 34.27 <BR>6. Parks Bonifay USA 17.27 <BR> <BR>Junior Masters <BR>MEN'S <BR>Wakeboarding <BR>1. Jonathan Nadolski USA 37.62 <BR>2. Danny Thollander USA 40.53 <BR>3. Robert Soven USA 27.69 <BR>

anonymous920 06-03-2004 6:44 AM

I take it they didn't do wakeskating? Oh kinda random but along the same lines of comps and wakeskating, will Scott be doing/throwing another Byerly Toejam this summer?

tommyc 06-03-2004 9:30 AM

Why is Nadolski 1st, when Thollander had the higher score? That is vierd.

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