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malibuboarder75 06-01-2004 9:39 PM

Ok, I have my scarecrow looking really good. I have the perfect edge and pop. The only thing is im landing leaning really far back on my switch heelside. How do I fix this? <BR> <BR>Also, I need help on my raley. I fully extend then i flip onto my back. Am I not edging hard enough? Or am I flipping because Im not pulling my handle back in? <BR> <BR>I will try to get some video footage up.

blind5 06-01-2004 11:00 PM

Scarecrow-spot your landing, the reason that you are over rotating onto your heels is because you are STILL rotating just spot your landing and that will cause you to stop your rotation. <BR> <BR>Raley-(try to get some video up, can't tell what your doing) keep your eyes on the tower, or pole, right where you tie your line up. this will keep you square in the air. If you are doing the Raley correct, you won't have to pull hard at all to get the board back under you.

that_nate_kid 06-02-2004 12:54 PM

I agree with Rob. On the raley just look at the pole. If you look at your landing you will twist in the air. You just have to force yourself to look up the rope. Good luck.

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