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boarder_punk_ 05-31-2004 11:15 PM

just curious, i have a 2003 HO Sports Revelation 135 board and was wondering what HO stood for...also i've heard that HO was a branch off of Hyperlite?? anyone know anything about this?

shiftywakeskate 05-31-2004 11:41 PM

all i know is that HO sports stands for HIGH OUTPUT SPORTS. i think its more of a water ski division of hyperlite but now they have 1 or 2 wakeboards

dococ 05-31-2004 11:45 PM

HO stands for "Herb O'Brien," who founded the company. Hyperlite actually started as an off-shoot of HO in the early 90s, but now I believe Hyperlite is bringing in most of the money. Paul O'Brien runs Hyperlite and is Herb's son. Herb is retired. At one point, there was a detailed history available on Hyerlite's website, but I don't know if it is still there. HO is well known for producing three-event competition skis (slalom, etc.). They produce a limited amount of wakeboard gear with the HO name instead of Hyperlite, and it looks to be very similar. If you like your board, then it is probably the same quality as a Hyperlite board.

boarder_punk_ 06-01-2004 12:43 AM

thanks for the info...yea i've noticed similarities between the designs of my board and those of hyperlite boards, and my board has treated me very well so far.

leggester 06-01-2004 7:24 AM

Doc, you're wrong. HO literally mean High Output. <BR> <BR>O'Brien couldn't use the O'Brien name after selling to Coleman years ago. <BR> <BR>And yes, we all know what it 'really' stands for. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by leggester on June 01, 2004)

boarder_punk_ 06-01-2004 10:08 PM

so then is hyperlite really a branch of HO or not?

kristian 06-01-2004 10:19 PM

Yes HL was a branch off of HO

blind5 06-02-2004 12:04 AM

I think HO stands for Herb O'brien, could be wrong, prove it.

dococ 06-02-2004 12:42 AM

Matt, same difference in my mind and in the minds of most folks I've known over the years, but I appreciate you for pointing out the technical distinction.

boarder_punk_ 06-02-2004 9:30 PM

alright, here's an email i got back from HO's headquarters: <BR> <BR>Kyle- <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Thanks for your interest. Hyperlite is a branch of the HO company, which was founded in 1981 by Herb O'Brien (which is what the HO stands for). If you have any other specific questions please don't hesitate to write back. Thanks! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Ashley Johnson <BR> <BR>Customer Service Representative <BR> <BR>HO Sports / Hyperlite Wakeboards <BR> <BR>Phone : 1-800-938-4040 <BR> <BR>Fax : 425-867-5327 <BR> <BR>

blind5 06-02-2004 10:25 PM

hey, thanks

magellan 06-02-2004 11:15 PM

The same company makes Hyperlite wakeboards, HO waterskis, tubes, kneeboards, etc... <BR>All built at the same place..or was. Now most HO is Asia made.

joe49er 06-03-2004 6:28 AM

Kind of like CWB = Connelly = tubes &amp; skis. <BR> <BR>All the same, mostly in Asia.

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