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utskier 05-31-2004 8:50 PM

I have an '89 Malibu Skier. I have been thinking about buying a surf board, probably a green room or landlock. Will I be able to surf with any success behind this boat or should I save my money? How much weight would I need and where to make it possible? Any other suggestions for boards that are good with smaller wakes?

parkcityxj 05-31-2004 8:57 PM

You can probably do it. My boat is similar in size to yours and I can ride the Skimskate and Landlock behind my boat. The skimskate is definatly harder to find the pocket than the land lock. So I'd reccomend a larger board for learning. I run 550 in the bow and 700 on the side we're surfing. The wake is a little small but it's certainly doable.

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