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xtremebordgurl 05-28-2004 3:30 PM

What do you think? Can you post some examples? What are your fav. features? Any info/feedback anyone can give on this camera would be greatly appreciated. Thanx a bunch.

05-28-2004 7:16 PM

i was/am thinking of getting this. The only reason im questioning myself is because on newegg.com they have the canon 10D for like $75 more. I dont have any pictures but <a href="http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1034" target="_blank">http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1034</a> <BR>will definatly have tons of pictures.

06-01-2004 8:17 AM

I got the D70 about a 3 weeks agao. It is great. I will post some pictures later. It is very easy to use, pictures are great, and battery life is fantastic. I get about 1250-1500 pictures per charge.

06-07-2004 5:29 PM

FWIW since this post was more than a week ago... <BR> <BR>I just moved up to the D70 from a Sony F707 digicam. <BR> <BR>I can't say enough good things about this camera for boarding shots. The kit lens is nice but not that long for getting tight shots of boarders at 75'-- I picked up a Sigma APO 70-300mm Super Macro II zoom lens for it and it was just what I was looking for. Better than other lenses in the price range (bought and returned a Tamron zoom before getting the Sigma). <BR> <BR>Some highlights-- <BR>- zero shutter lag. It's a DSLR. I hit the shutter release and get the pic I want. I guess if you're considering a 10D or other DSLR this isn't an issue <BR>- great continuous shooting for a prosumer DSLR - about 3fps shooting <BR>- great RAW mode shooting. NEF images are around 5MB and are great for post processing using Nikon Capture or Photoshop CS. <BR>- low noise up to ISO 1600 <BR>- great kit lens for all around use-- much sharper and faster than the 300D's kit lens, not sure what 10D's are bundled with or if a kit is even being considered for you <BR>- really fast overall-- the spooling of pics to the card are done off a fast buffer so the camera is really responsive even with slower CF storage cards. the UI is fast, and changing settings (for me) has become second nature. I hate waiting for my camera. <BR> <BR>Having used a 10D and a 300D I think I made the right choice with the D70. Of course, with any of these, your photos are still only as good as your lens(es). So now I'm a "Nikon guy" and invested in Nikon compatible lenses. Something to consider. <BR> <BR>

richd 06-08-2004 5:16 AM

Cliff, <BR> <BR>You are hooked now! Warning: don't go near a D2H!

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