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hyp3rl1t3 05-23-2004 4:07 PM

I was thinking of getting the inland surfer blue lake. Has anyone riden it and what did ya think? Thanks

splais 05-24-2004 8:12 PM

I just got one and have ridden it twice. I'm only just now being able to ride without the rope. I think it is a nice board that doesn't do anything special. It's a lightweight board that will fit in your rack and it does not need the foam top accessory. With my limited knowledge, I'd say if you are a lighter rider looking to learn tricks get one of the smaller (shorter) boards. Take a look at Alan Boganoff's boards. <BR> <BR>And PS: I would not pay a dime over $300 for ANY board, get whoever you talk to to deal or go someplace else. There are a lot of good boards out there for under $200 if you look around. Most of these boards are way over priced just because they are the hot new craze. If you look at a Hyperlite board give Grizzly Sports a call. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by splais on May 24, 2004) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by splais on May 24, 2004)

hyp3rl1t3 05-25-2004 6:10 PM

thanks steve

yeaitsmemarc 05-26-2004 5:36 PM

steve, <BR> I have a blue lake, and have noo complaints! its an awsome board, I can rip on it, my dad who's almost 6'2 220 rides it, and my little sister (5'6 120 lb) can ride it.. It's a good looking board, and really rides great

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