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liquidforce88 05-20-2004 6:51 PM

I cant deciede which wakesurfering board to buy, the hyperlite broadcast or the liquidforce skimskate. Could anyone help me figure out which board to get.

jonb 05-21-2004 2:19 PM

From the looks of the two and from what the local boardshop says the broadcast is 100x better than the skimskate. Liquidforce should be a little bit more original with names than that.

whitlecj 05-21-2004 5:20 PM

I have never ridden the skimskate but I can tell you the broadcast is sweet. It is a great all around board

johnson 05-26-2004 7:24 PM

The Broadcast is definetely a sweet board, it handles like no other. Hyperlite has also had a bit more experience in wakesufing. How many riders do you know that use a skimskate?

aaronlee13 06-09-2004 12:15 PM

What board do most riders ride?

lukem 06-09-2004 3:12 PM

i have the skimskate, broad cast kicks its ass.

jonb 06-10-2004 8:04 AM

so theres your answer from someone whos ridden both

itsme 06-22-2004 8:43 AM

Broadcast is better than the 54" Skimskate - <BR>the 54" is not long enough to carry <BR> <BR>Broadcast is great for beginners but the tip is too long and "digs" for agressive riders. Also, the fins are too long and the board is dirctional. Not good for spins <BR> <BR>The new 60" skimskate rocks. I just picked one up. It has plenty of glide built into it and is a twin tip. <BR>Just picked up my first 360 off the top! <BR> <BR>I own both now, but only ride the Skimskate 60"

rocktonic13 06-22-2004 7:30 PM

how does the phase5 compaire to these boards

sicksurf 08-20-2004 5:55 PM

can you wakesurf behind an inboard/outboard boat that has a big wake? and also, which board would be the best for a smaller wake, i'm thinking the broadcast but i'm not sure

pierce_bronkite 08-31-2004 7:47 AM

Its all personal preference. I have ridden both and like the Skim Skate 54 better. The 54 is long enough to drop the rope for me and I am 6'1", 205. I like the Skim Skate because I can spin it easy and it holds well into the wave at the same time. The Broadcast has huge, surf board type fins and that may or may not affect you when you start doing tricks. But, I also rarely buy any HL products anymore, just my preference.

orgborn 08-31-2004 3:03 PM

the skim skate for me is the best but i have no surfing background whatsoever. Freinds who surf hate it and love the broadcast the skimskate feels more like a wakeboard

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