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05-19-2004 4:16 PM

evaeryone keeps sayin they tried a such and such on the cable?? What the hell is a cable?

fly135 06-11-2004 9:03 AM

Well this response is a bit late, but if you are still reading the board.... <BR> <BR>A cable is a facility on a lake that has tower on the sides that suspend a cable driven by a motor. There are generally 6 to 8 carriers that will engage a ski rope and then pull the boarder/skier around the lake. There are 2 cables in FL, 1 in TX and 1 new one in Kansas city. <BR> <BR>They have slider toys to hit for jumps and inverts. Plus you can do inverts right off the water because the cable acts like a spring and will launch you off the water if you edge hard enough. The following page has links to the US cables... <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.cablewakeboardtour.com" target="_blank">www.cablewakeboardtour.com</a>

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