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04-29-2002 7:39 PM

Sometimes when I'm cutting out toeside the board feels so loose that I have no control. I'm using some free ride 2" fins which allow me to practice surface tricks but I slide all over the place. My three stick better but faceplants get old. Should I look at some different fins? I feel like I should be able to do it all with one setup. <BR> <BR>I've been riding for 3 years and I still can barely clear a wake to wake and I can't convince myself to let go and attempt a grab. I need to progress. I ride about twice a week in the summer so I'm getting some good lake time. Kinda stinks when you takeout someone who doesn't even have a boat and they can stomp tricks left and right. Any tips? What tricks should I throw in the mix?

04-30-2002 8:18 AM

That loose feel has to do with weight placement on the board. Get some weight back there! Also, are you edging with the rails of the board? Dont try to direct the baord with the fins. Commit on the rails aggresively. Also, are you still on that scarecrow? It may be time to get a newer board. Board designs have come along way, and though they wont fix your fundamentals, they do react to your movement a little better. <BR> <BR>Good luck! <BR> <BR>Jason

04-30-2002 12:32 PM

Yes I still have my scarecrow. What would you recomend?

04-30-2002 1:19 PM

Premier, Trip, Serum are all nice boards to look at.

04-30-2002 9:44 PM

with a 2 inch fin, its not the fin, just put some more wieght back like Jason said

talk to Lauren 05-02-2002 2:56 PM

Demo a few different boards before you buy. This will help you determine what will work best for you. Notice if these other boards feel tighter on the water. I think the molded fin boards really lock in, so I would recommend trying the Premier. Not sure what shops are in Denton, so you my have to take a little trip south on 35E to either Slalom Shop (talk to Lauren) or Waterski America (talk to Micah). If you are around the airport, go holler at those guys at TX Mastercraft (talk to Ray or Angie). Tell them Jason G. sent ya by. They are good folks and can hook you up. <BR> <BR>Jason

05-03-2002 12:09 PM

How's your edging? If you can get the hang of a progressive edge, you'll be clearing the wake in no time, all the time. Then you'll have so much time in the air that you'll get bored up there. Before trying grabs, try letting go with one hand in the air and landing one handed. Nothing big, just get the feel for it. Build your confidence. Keep looking at the shoreline. <BR>As far as boards go- Look at the Evolution from LF. I love mine. It is still easy for the surface tricks, but will edge hard and pop as big as you want. It doesn't edge as hard as a trip or the new balance, but it will grow with you.

tense 06-11-2002 11:06 PM

Bruce, I can relate. I have had to go back to basics twice because I realized that I was making some huge fundamental mistakes. Others in my crew are catching up because they haven't taken the detours I took and have benefitted by my mistakes. You probably need to get back to basics, or get someone who is better than you and patient to teach you or review educational videos. Also, if you video tape yourself, you can often fix your own problems. <BR>Good Luck

chris_hargis 06-12-2002 9:21 AM

Bruce, I agree with FERN on the video thought. I was not getting any air when I started. I had everything right, or at least I thought I had it right. When I was videoed, I then saw that I would flatten the board out when I got to the wake. After seeing that, I went back to small cuts and concentrated on edging through the wake until I got good at it, then took it out more. Not edging through will cost you the pop off the wake and kill your hang time. As for boards, you have already gotten the best advice, demo a bunch until you find a happy mix of good bite, but quick release for surface tricks. <BR> <BR>I ride the 2001 Belmont and I love it. The molded fins give a lot of stability and grip, but the short (1.9") center fin still releases quick so I can do surface 180s and butterslides, and other surface stuff. Demo the Belmont and see what you think, but do demo as many as it takes to find the right board for you.

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