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ride_klein 05-10-2004 9:09 AM

Kudos to all of you posting pictures and advice. I was so curious about the sport of wakesufing that I had to try it this weekend. I demoed a LandLock board and headed to the lake. We did ok, but I've got a bunch of questions that I'm hoping you pros can offer some advice on. <BR> <BR> <BR>We've got a 1986 Nautique 2001. We are still experimenting with the proper weighting for the boat, but we had a decent wave behind the boat. It was mid thigh high, but the rideable surface was very short in terms of length. Any advice on weighting such a small direct drive boat? <BR> <BR>How do you guys get started? We never could get the rider onto the wave when they started in the water. We had to get them started off the back of the boat, but this proved tricky. Any advice on how to get started would be appreciated. <BR> <BR>Finally the landlock board we demoed was 5'6". We are all beginers, but none of us could ride the wave without the handle. We just got left behind by the boat (Boat was going about 11mph). Is this merely a product of our experience or should we look at getting a longer board next time. <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance for any help, and keep on posting pictures to inspire the newbies like me. I'm hooked after one weekend. <BR> <BR>

splais 05-10-2004 9:37 AM

Ryan, I'm a newbie also, so maybe my observations will help. <BR> <BR>We get up any way we can on the rope and then ride into the curl. You may be trying to ride it to much like a wakeboard. We found the hard way that you need to have your weight farther forward and more balanced on the "surf"board. You can actually get WAY FORWARD on the board without a problem. It does take practice to find the place in the curl where you can maintain your position and speed so that you can release the rope. I suxpect my weight tip will solve the problem. It you get to far back it will tend to make the back of the board dig in and pull you out of the wave. Now maybe someone that knows what they are talking about can chime in.

ride_klein 05-10-2004 1:30 PM

Steve- <BR> <BR>Thanks for the advice. When you tow your guys up do they come from inside the wake into the curl, or are they pulled up in the curl allready? <BR> <BR>Thanks again

splais 05-10-2004 6:37 PM

It depends on the skill of the rider. As you get better you will be able to get up anyplace you want. The beginners get up any way they can and then cut into the curl. It's actually pretty fun getting over the top of the curl if you get up on the wrong side.

jamie_lamar 05-11-2004 6:12 AM

You might try slowing down a bit, we ride at about 8mph. That will bring the wake up a bit, plus make it easier to stay in the curl. As for the rope, keep playing with rope length till you find one that will put you in the right spot on the wake. We start outside of the wake curl your going to ride and slowly cut into it. Once you’re in, use the rope to find where on the board you need to stand to ride at that speed. As you start to find this spot and get balanced you will star using the rope less &amp; should see slack in the line. <BR> <BR>Best thing I could suggest is hooking up with someone that has been wake surfing for a while and having them come out with you or you with them. That’s how I learned… <BR>

cabalisticfire 05-11-2004 6:43 AM

1st make a big wake by: <BR>A) putting as much weight in the boat as you can on the side you are going to ride on without making it sit dangerously low. <BR>B) drive between 8 and 11 MPH <BR>C) drive in a circle to help make the wave a little more powerful (although this will yeild a smaller sweet spot and is subject to debate) <BR> <BR>To get up use a 10-15' rope and try one of the following methods listed in order from easiest to hardest: <BR>A) Start lying back in the water with your heels resting on the board. When the boat starts to move the board will come to your feet just like a wake skate and you will be able to stand up. <BR>B) Start standing on the board (board is under water) and holding the rope. As the boat starts to move the board will come to the surface with little effort and you will be on your way. <BR>C) Start lying on the board as if you were actually surfing. Once the boat is moving and the wave has formed pull yourself into the wave. Once you have caught the wave drop the rope and stand up just as if you were surfing. This can also be done while holding the rope while you are learning. <BR>D) Start from you swim platform. Press the nose of your board and hold the rope. Once the boat is moving, slide of the platform and right into the pocket of the wave. Drop the rope and ride. <BR>E) When you get this good go ask someone else for more ideas. like jumping from a 2nd boat onto the wake, etc.

ride_klein 05-11-2004 7:14 AM

Steve, Jamie, Cabalisticfire- <BR> <BR>Thanks a bunch. Things are getting a little clearer. After listening to you we are definitely riding too far back on the board. We'll give it another shot this weekend and see how things go. <BR> <BR>Thanks again. <BR> <BR>Ryan

wakejunkeygirl 05-15-2004 7:16 AM

ryan---watch my new wakesurf video, maybe that will help you to see how i have the board placed to get up. in this vid i was riding at about 8-10 mph we had the boat going in a little bit of a turn to keep the wave right. <BR> <BR>I hope this helps! good luck..its so much fun. <BR>this was my third time *(in the video) and I'll be going again this weekend!! luv it! <BR> <BR>angi <BR> <BR>new video: <a href="http://www.420EMPIRE.com" target="_blank">www.420EMPIRE.com</a> wakesurf angi <BR> <BR>Oh check out 'Best Wakesurf Video' too..world champ Drew DAnielo throwin it on a phase five! <BR>now that is some inspiration! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wakejunkeygirl on May 15, 2004)

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