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05-07-2004 2:12 PM

I already have my hs wake to wake 180 down but i want to take its up to 360. If m gonna go in heelside would that be easiest? any tips would help!!!!! and i plan to try my first invert soon! In your opinion what is the easiest??

wakehype 05-07-2004 7:03 PM

For a three, take take a progressive edge to the wake just enough to go wake to wake. The old saying "pop, pull pass" AFTER you get your pop, start the spin by pulling the handle to your right hip while letting go with your other hand, reaching around and grabbing the handle. Once you feel the handle, complete the last 180 by letting go with your original lead hand, and attempt to spot your landing. The rest is downhill. <BR> <BR>I personally think inverts are easier than spins, for most people. I know alot of people who can flip for days but can't land consistent 306s.

05-12-2004 11:42 AM

the biggest problem i had learning 3's was throwing it too early. make sure you are in the air first.

pittsy 05-15-2004 8:17 PM

I learned the TS 360 first, all you have to do is take a progressive cut into the wake and then pull the handle to your back hip and just continue to spin, you can even the land with the rope in the small of your back so you don't have to think about passing it. <BR> <BR>For HS, try and wrapped up and then just let go with your front hand and it will spin you BS and you should land fine, hope this helps. <BR>

06-07-2004 11:47 AM

focus on getting the handle, that seems to be the major problem for people when first trying spins you have to really pull it to your back hip, and wait to start your spin.

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