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wakebum8488 05-04-2004 2:12 PM

hey. i am an advanced rider that is 5'11" and weighs 160lbs. should i get the Byerly 107 or the Caylast 112? <BR> <BR> thanks

jamie_lamar 05-05-2004 7:03 AM

What are you riding on now, and what are your likes &amp; dislikes with it? Iím dropping from the 116 Grub to the 107 Byerly for more control. The shape between the two are the same, but the Byerly is much narrower &amp; shorter. Got a chance to talk with Byerly at the boat show and he gave me some good info on board/rider sizes. Check with local board shop that my have a demo deal.

wakebum8488 05-05-2004 5:07 PM

im riding a cassette linear perspective 40 but im pretty sure its to small, im into w2w stuff as well as shuvits and lip tricks

wakesk8wannabe 05-05-2004 9:09 PM

Its the same board just a different size, doesn't really matter. u'll grow to is it either way. I ride the 112 and i am 5'2 and begginer, i guess its hard to tell now, but i think i'm doing ok. I can ollie pretty well in calm waters. anyway, this isn't about my skill. draw straws 8P

devastate 05-09-2004 12:19 AM

its hard to believe you're an advanced rider if you can't spell catalyst? anyway i would go with the Byerly

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