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brick 05-04-2004 10:55 AM

I have a Double Up Nelson with LF EXOs. First ride I discovered that the screws LF sends with the bindings were too short. So, I replaced them with longer thumb screws. Thought the problem was fixed until the heads of the thumb screws snapped off when someone else was riding the board. Any suggestions?

blindsiderider 05-04-2004 11:16 AM

have you tried to go get an easy out at the hardware store and take it out.? That would be my first thought anyone else?

mn_vtec 05-04-2004 11:18 AM

Yea, easy out should work. That would be the best way to go for sure.

likeknives 05-04-2004 11:48 AM

how do u like the exo's? ive been highly considering those but i havent heard much about em.

malibususpect 05-04-2004 1:09 PM

yeah head out to the hardware store and bring the old screws so you can get the same thread count, that is what i did.

brick 05-04-2004 5:31 PM

Blake: <BR> <BR>EXOs are nice. I like them alot. I like my bindings tight and the rear laces give them just enough give to get in and out without heel slippage. However, they're very hard to get off until you get them broken in. <BR> <BR>As for the screws, I guess I'm off to the hardware store. Anybody know about any trick products on the market instead of just screws or thumb screws? I was looking at some clamps from No Flex, Inc. Anybody?

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