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stecel 05-04-2004 10:22 AM

<BR>Hey everyone, <BR> <BR>I am looking for some 10-15 year old action sports kids in Florida, maybe you can help me find the right people. They can wakeboard, surf, skate, motocross, bmx, whatever! The more the better <BR> <BR>My name is Steve Schwadron. I run a company called New Edge Marketing (<a href="http://www.new-edge.net" target="_blank">http://www.new-edge.net</a>) <BR> <BR>A major sporting company (I can't say the name, but you definitely have heard of them) has hired me to scout out 10 of the best kids in action sports around Florida. The company is launching a brand new action sports product line, and the selected kids will receive advanced product from the company in exchange for feedback on the products. <BR> <BR>This is not something where if you contact me you will be asked for money or anything sketchy like that. <BR> <BR>You can e-mail me (<a href="mailto:steve@new-edge.net">steve@new-edge.net</a>) or call me directly on my cell phone (904.614.2560) if you have any hesitations, questions, or need more info. Please only call me if you are very serious! <BR> <BR>If you think you are one of these kids, are a relative or friend of one of them, please send in this information ASAP. I must have the info by the 6th of May to be considered. <BR> <BR>This is all you need to e-mail to me at <a href="mailto:steve@new-edge.net">steve@new-edge.net</a>) <BR> <BR>- name <BR> <BR>- area/city where they are from <BR> <BR>- age <BR> <BR>- action sports they play and the one they favor, if any (and mainstream sports if you know) <BR> <BR>- any competitions they’ve participated and how they’ve placed <BR> <BR>- any other evidence of their skills (ex: reputation with peers/other athletes) <BR> <BR>- contact information <BR> <BR>thanks! and do not hesitate to call if you have any questions! <BR> <BR>thanks <BR>-steve <BR> <BR>

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