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wkurtangleboy 05-03-2004 6:43 PM

I am 13 years old and I have a motive 134 right now. Right now I can land tantrums, frontrolls 360's and some other stufff to but I am improving a lot. I am looking at one of the following boards: CWB absolute 134, Hyperlite Premier 136, and the Hyperltie era 135. I want some thing with a lot of pop but I dont want to get to far away from the feeling of my motive. I rode an 03 byerly 132 and it was wierd becasue everyone was telling me that it was goin to go higher and pop me off the wake more but I was actually goin lower then my motive. So I want a board around a 134 that will handle close to the same as my motive but a lil better pop and maybe a better bottom surface for sliders. I want something liek the JIB base cuz my motive dosnt have that and when I hit a kicker it practitacally sanded right off my molded fin (or part of it)..So let me know what u think. <BR>Thanks, <BR>Chris Waters

dakid 05-03-2004 6:54 PM

If you're "improving a lot," why do you have to get a new board? <BR> <BR>Have you heard of the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?

magellan 05-03-2004 7:57 PM

The Absolute is a very friendly board. It does everything extremely well while still letting you ride the way you want. Instead of making you change your riding style to suit the board. <BR>The Premier is also a great board. <BR> <BR>I say demo. <BR>I did, I have the Absolute.

jonb 05-03-2004 8:00 PM

i had the zane and now have the parks, my new board is sooo much better

blabel 05-03-2004 9:37 PM

The boards you listed are very different than yours. If you are riding a continuous rocker board well, stick with it. Nothing wrong with that. <BR> <BR>The boards you listed will be looser, faster and will have more of an abrubt pop. Those qualities aren't for everyone. Demo them to see for yourself but from the sounds of it you are better off sticking with what you have or another continuous rocker board.

magellan 05-03-2004 9:59 PM

Which Zane did you have JONb?

kristian 05-03-2004 11:47 PM

Listen to Blabel, from the sounds of it cont' rocker seems to suit you more. Have you looked into the temet 132 or the 2002-2003 belmont? Or from CWB the Pure or Prodigy (thats a subtle 3-stage). Out of those three, I would think you'd feel most comfortable on the Era.

w4k3b04rd3r19 05-04-2004 12:49 AM

For one thing there is no such this as a Zane board its the Absolute Platinum which Zane designed. Plus that the new hyperlite tend to snap. I seem 4 snap within a month it wasn't always the Parks just the new shapes tend to be weaker

kristian 05-04-2004 1:40 AM

Ryan there is such thing as a Zane board: 1998-2001. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

afwakepilot13 05-04-2004 5:07 PM

Hey man, about 2 months ago, I was in the exact same situation you were in. I had a Motive 134 and wanted something more aggressive, with more pop, but that wouldn't hinder my riding. I tried all three of those boards, plus the tfd, temet, and LF evo. They were all good, but I went for the Premier, with the Absolute a close second. The difference between the two is totally personal preference. I was wondering the same thing, should I go with a 3 Stage, or stick with the continuous. The three boards you mentioned were all awesome. The premier had the most pop, it is more "up" than "out," but you'll have no problem taking tricks like tantrums out to the flats. The first time I jumped this board I was like "whoa!" It really pops high, but isn't inconsistent at all, and didn't make it any harder at all for me to do tricks, in fact alot of them I took alot bigger. The best thing by far is that it lands soooo awesome, by far the best of any board I have ever ridden. Also, none of them were really "loose" either. I think all three of those boards were awesome, and my opinion was that the Premier was the best, but as everybody says, it's personal preference. I'd just advise you to try these boards with a moderate to subtle 3 stage, they're great, and I don't think you'd have any trouble switching if you wanted, people tend to act like its one or the other, and there's a striking difference between continuous and 3-stage. There is a difference, but I still use my Motive to hit sliders and play around on, and I can ride on either of them comfortably.

dakid 05-04-2004 5:28 PM

Actually, Zane's had a signature board since '98.

wkurtangleboy 05-04-2004 7:21 PM

I have another question... how are the molded in fins on the absolute compared to a premier... also, (if youve ridden these boards)which would be a beter board the era 135 or the NEW 04 premier for someone whos ridden teh motive (continous rocker)?? <BR>Thanks, <BR>Chris

jonb 05-04-2004 7:55 PM

"Which Zane did you have JONb?" <BR> <BR>I had the one from the year before the absolute came out. It was black on the top and red and a few other colors on the bottom. I think that it was the one from 2000 <BR>

projectely4 05-04-2004 8:07 PM

the era is better for you most likely than the 04 premier. the 04 premier is more aggressive than the era which puts the era alot closer in how it edges.

dakid 05-04-2004 8:11 PM

I heard the '04 Premier is WAY slower than the older Premier.

c_dub_bizzle 05-04-2004 9:56 PM

i like the absolute. good solid board, but ONCE AGAIN! it just comes down to the board you feel most confortable on. So it's not so much our opinion. Just get out there and demo them both. See which one meets your standards.

cgbaker10 05-04-2004 9:59 PM

i say go with the 03' premier 135 it is sweet in all the places..alot of pop and tracks like no other...but dont get me wrong it is aggressive..kinda like the parks but like i said "kinda"..right now i think premier has the best board on the water..

wkerat 05-04-2004 10:03 PM

If you try the premier you should try the Gator Gonzolaz because it is very similar, just better all around... I have been on all the boards you listed and some more, but chose the CWB Prodigy since for my style it works, I get more pop and smoother landings...Anyway, of those listed I would say if you can't try any go with the absolute, it is very forgiving and has a ton of pop. I had last years (this years flame/freedom) and have a new 04 one, but haven't been on it yet.

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