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04-27-2002 8:03 PM

Would it be bad if your feet didnt come out of your bindings....cuz i put custom snowboard racchets on my wakeboard bindigns...and can get them very tight..but i dont wanna ruin my ankles or kness? ne comments?

04-27-2002 9:59 PM

as long as there's not only one foot that come out of the binding... you'll be ok... if only one foot come out... watch out for the knees and ankles... usually you want both your feet out of the bindings on hard crash only... IMO it might not be the best with ratchet because it doesn't release on hard crash and it adds more weight... if you can afford it, get good highwrap or some with lace up system...

05-04-2002 9:48 PM

i would think it would be fine as long as one foot does not come out and the other one stays in cause you could really hurt your self i did that one time and my ankle like was scrud up for like a month and it hurt really bad but go for it

05-05-2002 12:09 PM

chris, i ride the plush pros, and they come with a snowboard rachet on them, they wprk fine for me, just make sure they are tightened about the same like britney and jonathan said <BR>-later

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