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jakeman 05-03-2004 1:03 PM

David <BR>when will ESPN broadcast May 1 &amp; 2 comp? <BR> <BR>also I can't believe how good the women are now! <BR>last year all you needed to throw was 360/invert to be sponsored. Not anymore. the ladies were throwing huge raleys,batwings,540... <BR>it was sick <BR> <BR>Dallas Friday is the Tony Hawk of womens wakeboarding! <BR> <BR>congrats to the ladies. out of all sports, women wakeboarders are better at what they do then any other sport compared to men.IMO <BR> <BR>late/jake

xtremebordgurl 05-03-2004 2:05 PM

Jakeman! It was so awesome to see you and Angi on Sat./Sun.! We'll defenitly have to chill at the next Orlando event.

jakeman 05-03-2004 2:40 PM

ya dito Bess <BR>I am glad you were able to find a college in fl <BR>so you can board all year long. I was so sun-sick by sunday afternoon. Hope you got some good pics. post them ASAP <BR> <BR>late/jake

wakejunkeygirl 05-03-2004 5:19 PM

yeah Bess, I thought I saw you earlier in the day, but then I was like 'no cuz she posted she doesnt have a car down here...' so I was thinkin' how could she be here at owc?? when I saw you little later, I knew from your profile pic it was def. you! <BR> <BR>I hope you got some good shots with your camera, I can't wait to see them! R U coming to wakefest this weekend? (here in saint pete) <BR> <BR> <BR>there were a couple other girls out there at owc that wakeskated in the tower lake contest the weekend b 4...Kory and KAte,,,you should hook up with them they are really good and heavy into the wakeskate scene! super kool chicks too. <BR>

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