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I already keep the handle into my waist 04-26-2002 2:16 PM

Been reading the posts on how to wake jump and reviewing videos. <BR>I get the idea of progressive edge and line loading and can lear the wakes with about 4 to 5 ft of air, but my problem is this. <BR> <BR>Cutting out about 5 to 10 feet flatern of the board wait until the boat starts to natuarlly pull you back gently look towards the wake and begin your edge. Increase slowly towards the wake feeling good, this is where I get stuck if I hold the edge I hit the wake at 90deg fly across the wake but with little hieght and the handle gets snapped out of my hands(I already keep the handle into my waist) If I hit the wake at lets say 60degs I cross the wake slower but do seem to get greater height probably due to having more time to think about line loading and straightening my body at the top of the wake.I don't know wich should be the right combination one is fast and low the other is higher but still not high enough. Even the boat speed seems to make a difference at 20mph it all happens to fast and at 16mph I get agood pop but 16mph can't be goood especially as these landings seem really hard on you're knees. <BR>I have been tring for 4 seasons now and still can't get it. Please help Mike by the way I use a Tige 22i,60ft spectra(any longer and the wake is foamy)800lb of wieght and a Belmont so I don't think it's my kit.

04-27-2002 9:11 PM

there's definatly something you're doing wrong... but It's hard to say exactly what because we haven't seen you ride... you say you're doing it the right way but there must be something missing... try to ride with someone that kills it or go to a wakeboard school... that's the best way to get those kind of advices... not on a discussion board...

04-28-2002 1:55 PM

Thanks Johnathan but if you read my latest post you will see I no longer have a boat.

04-28-2002 10:14 PM

Mike that sucks that your boat sank man glad you guys made it out. I know that landing isnt your biggest problem right now but i ran along your post and thought I would tell you what i found to be helpful was the May issue of wakeboarding magazine it has a really good article on the do's and dont's of edging. Maybe this might in someway lead to your answer. Good luck with the boat man!!

04-29-2002 10:32 PM

Reading "Misconceptions" in the wakeboard mag i just got, and they are sayign that sucking the rope into your waist is just a waste of energy, let the arms out, bend your knees, lean back , load the line and pop as you go up the wake.... something along those lines.

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