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cs1094 04-30-2004 11:39 PM

How has the LF Trip changed from 2000 to 2004? Ive noticed the fin bolt setup has changed, but did that make a difference, and did they change materials at any time?

magellan 04-30-2004 11:42 PM

The Trip hasn't changed in 7 years I believe. <BR>

kristian 04-30-2004 11:49 PM

There were slight (I mean slight) alterations between the 1999 trip 132, 2000 trip 133, 2001 trip 133.5. Look in the board guide.

electricsnow 05-01-2004 2:46 AM

I thought they had a adjusted the rocker line at one point (I thought that the "clock" trip was the one that was supposed to have a little bit more rocker, but don't quote me on that). And as kristian pointed out, there were slight modifications with length. It really is a good wakeboard...I had the first one and I rode it up until last year when I purchased a substance.

kristian 05-01-2004 3:48 AM

the tip/tail shaped changed 1999-2000 and the bottom design and rocker were retooled in 2001. This was only slight. But it was only the 132-133 size that changed, the 138 has stayed the same since day one.

team_o 05-01-2004 2:41 PM

They made the 132, then when the 138 came out with diff bottom &amp; rocker, the 132 was recut to a 133 (way back when). That's the only change to the boards - still a good shape after all these years...

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