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ddoubleu 04-30-2004 7:00 PM

ok i need some opinions. i am just getting into editing and was wondering what everybody thought was the best gear?

hoochieman89 04-30-2004 7:48 PM

Um I have actuall Gear like a Cassy and stuff not that computer crap. Also if you like I will edit your vid for a small price. PM if your interested

tjgramlich 05-01-2004 9:02 AM

i used adobe premier at school and i liked that. you can do a lot of stuff with it and its pretty easy to use

naylz 05-02-2004 10:45 AM

It all depends on what and how much you want to do and storage space you have on your system. Adobe Premier is the basics of all editing programs. Check out Final Cut Pro. This is an edit system commonly used but entry level broadcast. Your other options would be Media 100 or Avid.. but both get expensive. Avid has a basic version you can download for free on their website. <BR> <BR>So what kind of editing do you want to do?

ddoubleu 05-02-2004 5:44 PM

thanks for everyones input but i am looking more into the computer end of the gear. i will definetly be going with final cut pro just looking for the best comp at the best prices. <BR> <BR>i am really just getting into to it and have only done one short wake film with my buddies. but i want to get more involved

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