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wakewilly 04-30-2004 2:29 PM

I'm turning in an application to our club sports office this summer for a Wakeboard/Waterski team here at CU. I need to include a budget with the application. Also, if I can show them that a couple sponserships have been offered to the team, I think they'll allow us to start a team. I was wondering if any of you might be able to email me your budgets for your teams along with a sample proposal to sponsers so I can get an idea of what works. This would be extremely helpful and might help me get off on the right foot. Those of you on teams that have gotten your boats free from sponserships, how did you go about acquiring that sponsership? If you don't own the boat, how did you get it (local dealer/shop sponserships, boat factory sponserships)? Any answered questions, budgets, or sample sponsership proposal letters would be extremely helpful. <BR>Thanks, <BR>-Chris

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