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harryhog 04-28-2004 11:48 AM

i spent a couple of hours on cable today, and had 4 attempts at the kickers for the first time. i landed and grabbed my second attempt and almost my 4th. <BR> <BR>Just wondering if anyone can give a detailed description of the approach, where to keep the handle on approach and in the air etc when doing a kicker. <BR> <BR>Oh, and i ride regular so had to do the cut out on my ts edge, so had the handle on my lower back.. <BR> <BR>cheers

boofhead 04-29-2004 3:33 PM

Seriously guys - <BR> <BR>Harry wasnt the only one hitting it - our whole crew was and it wasnt pretty. It reminded me of a pack of lemmings lauching themselves off a cliff or something. No one got hurt - but we all pretty much sucked at it! So any advice on how to ride away would be sweet...

sbvfive 04-29-2004 5:57 PM

I ride at OWC about once a week, so here is what I have figured. Cut at it smooth and in control, but before you get to it FLATTEN OUT. Come complketely off edge so that you dont slip out. Then just absorb the impact with your knees, keep the handle low and in to a hip, and land. When you get better, pop off of the kicker at the top for more air,

xxplosive 04-29-2004 6:24 PM

don't wimp out and be scared when you are going to hit it. Best advice given to me was.... don't be a pu**y. Hit it with confidence and come in nice and hard you will see

wakeup222 04-29-2004 7:10 PM

keep your knees bent.. when coming towards the ramp dont come straight at it, cut away from the cable lines.. hold the handle with your leading hand only, stay a bit low, and keep the handle low.. keep center of gravity the whole time.. take it easy, have fun..

hoochieman89 04-29-2004 7:55 PM

Dude you guys forgot the most important thing. Edge out late, commit, and at the last second MAKE YOUR BOARD GO FLAT If you hit it on edge then you go inverted.

kristian 04-29-2004 10:46 PM

I use (should I say used to use) the keep your board flat technique. Edge at the ramp, just before you hit it, flatten out and square yourself over the board. Basically its trying to avoid the board slipping out in any direction.

harryhog 04-30-2004 3:30 AM

thats all cool, we had that, compeletely commited, <BR> <BR>the problem was that as we all left the kicker, the handle would pull us straight over. We'd be fine up until that point, gettin loads of hieght, <BR> <BR>could it be that i'm flatening off too late? or maybe holding the handle in the wrong position in the air, <BR> <BR>its not like on a boat where the bad handle position just pulls a bit wrong, we're all gettin pulled right over onto our backs or heads. <BR> <BR>love it tho..... easy air time.....

kristian 04-30-2004 8:09 AM

I had the same problem when I learnt a kicker toeside, just remember to stay over the board, keep your chin up and handle down by your waist (like a toseide jump)

hoochieman89 04-30-2004 7:52 PM

At first dont try olling off just try rding off once your sticking that consistant start adding bigger and bigger ollies. Go flatter earlier if you need to lean back a little more.

stevenf 04-30-2004 8:54 PM

id say dont be a p$$$y and go head first thats why they make you wear a helmet? Plus it'd be pretty cool when you woke up three days later and still didnt know your name.... nahhh im just playin i dont know ive only been to texasskiranch and i hit a few but that was my first time so i really didnt know what i was doing.

hoochieman89 05-01-2004 4:17 PM

Lol one more thign if your going to TSR make sure you spray it off first. You do not want to stick to the wedge!

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