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azsufer 04-27-2004 1:14 PM

Over the weekend I took a little camping trip up to Bartlett Lake just north of Phoenix. I was excited to get back in the water and especiall on the LANDLOCK, but I heard that WAKESURFING was illegal on the lake and carried a big fine if you got caught. <BR> <BR>Does anyone know the truth about this situation?? <BR> <BR>Kyle D <BR>

mesamc 04-27-2004 1:24 PM

I was out at Bartlett this weekend camping also. The Sheriff passed us while we were surfing and we didn't get stopped. <BR> <BR>If you find anything please post.

tombugg 04-27-2004 2:54 PM

The problem is that you wern't at Lake PLeasant's AWA event!! <BR>I have connections at Bartlett, I will look into it. <BR> <BR>Tom Bugg <BR>The AWA

jonb 04-27-2004 3:46 PM

there was a guy in the california legislature that was trying to outlaw wakesurfing in california because a kid drowned. Now shouldnt that kid have been wearing a life jacket.

big_poppa_pump 04-27-2004 5:29 PM

Yeah, I have been hearing this rumor out at Bartlett also. There is nothing in the Arizona Statues that specifically outlaws wakesurfing. <BR> <BR>Boating laws are defined under Title 5 Chapter 3 available at the following link: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.azleg.state.az.us/ArizonaRevisedStatutes.asp?Title=5" target="_blank">http://www.azleg.state.az.us/ArizonaRevisedStatutes.asp?Title=5</a> <BR> <BR>If anyone has gotten said ticket, please let us know the specific offense such as 5-341, 5-346, or whatever so that we may politely inform the officials that their duty is to enforce the laws not to make up legislation on their own. <BR> <BR>That said, you may want to hold off on stalling out the board on the swimstep in front of them. <BR>

rypayne 04-27-2004 7:35 PM

maybe the kid that died did have a lifejacket on but died from the carbondioxide

brinks 04-27-2004 8:05 PM

My buddy got a ticket wakesurfing and put on probation for 1 year plus a hefty fine. They wrote him like 11 tickets. Wreckless endangerment of self and others. Wreckless operation of the boat. Unproper weight distribution of the boat. Teak surfing. Plus more that I can't remember. He was at Bartlet. It all depends on the sherrif. When he went to court he took a copy of wake surfer magazine to show the judge. She told him it was dangerous and should come with a larger fine than it does. I don't let anybody surf on my boat for that reason.

puckinshat 04-27-2004 8:08 PM

I don't wakesurf, but wouldn't you solve the carbon monoxide problem by puting a catylic converter in the exhaust line. Yes, it would give you like a 5hp loss, but thats not a lot.

shutupandboard 04-27-2004 8:21 PM

I agree. I think it should be illegal. I also think walking should be illegal. I once heard of someones roommates cousin that got killed doing exactly that. Really though, what do they find a problem with that makes it dangerous?

cgbaker10 04-27-2004 9:14 PM

Just ride bro....F*** the PO PO

jarrod 04-28-2004 6:35 AM

Yeah...should we send our tickets to you Chris?

bambamski 04-28-2004 7:32 AM

I was surfing at Bartlett a couple of weeks ago and we weren't the only ones. That would suck if they outlawed surfing as I just bought a surfboard<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" border=0>.

azsufer 04-28-2004 10:05 AM

J-Rod...did you get a ticket out there?? <BR>And if so, what was the charge/fine?? <BR> <BR>Kyle

bartlettmarina 04-28-2004 7:33 PM

My family owns the Marina out at Bartlett and I run the Boat Club. I have not heard of any laws <BR>against Wakesurfing at Bartlett. <BR>But I will check with the Sheriffs who do Lake Patrol and try to get the facts on this subject. <BR>Personally I don't think that something like this could be outlawed at just one lake it would have to be statewide. (p.s. thanks Tom for giving me the heads up on this issue)

levi 04-28-2004 8:51 PM

Mark - I believe the a catalytic converter on a boat would have problems do the the extreme temp's that they get up to. But maybe they could run water through/around to solve it?

dertbiker2000 04-28-2004 9:16 PM

yeah, ive heard of the same rumors here in cali as well. But supposedly its not the wakesurfing thats being outlawed, but the idea that no one can be closer than 20ft to the boat, as a result outlawing wakesurfing as well as body womping. <BR>but as of now i just know of it as a rumor <BR>travis

wakeguru 04-29-2004 8:42 AM

The teak surfing victims drowned because they had no life vest on. I did't hear of one case where that was not true. Nor did they heed the warnings on all inboard ski boats regarding the dangers of carbon monoxide. The warnings are at the helm and the stern. As for wakesurfing...has anyone ever become unconsious from carbon monoxide fumes while wakesurfing? It's apparently not an issue. <BR>In addition, I don't see how they could make the law read that you wouldn't be allowed to ride within a certain distance of the boat. A barefoot boom extends only 5 feet or so away from the side of the boat and it's safe enough. <BR>Interesting to note that barefooters wear wet suits containing floatation that are not Coast Guard approved and it's not an issue. It must be about the user and common sense. <BR>All watersports are dangerous to some degree. No matter how many laws we make to try and prevent this stuff, someone somewhere will come up with a new way to get hurt or killed. You can't compete with stupidity and ignorance. <BR> <BR>People just need to read their owners manual and make their kids do the same if they operate the boat or PWC. It generally contains all the safety infomation you need to make smart decisions on the water. <BR> <BR>That's my 2 cents.

cgbaker10 04-29-2004 5:07 PM

Just move to SC Jarrod and you want have to worry about that kind of BS..ps: ride out

junkee 04-30-2004 3:28 PM

I was at bartlett last sunday(4/25) and i was wakeskating on a 10 foot line. basically the same spot youd be in for teaking/surfing. Nothing happened to me or my crew. however, this is a good heads up. <BR> <BR>Hopefully no one gets in trouble. cause its way too much fun on the short line. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

jayman1 05-03-2004 12:47 PM

That is a very valid argument David D, the best one of the thread. <BR> <BR>I will add to your opinion and say that I don't ever remember anyone drowning from teak or wake surfing that had a life vest on. It all comes down to an issue of common sense and stupidity.

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