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zleartsu 04-27-2004 9:10 AM

I been reading wakeworld post for a few months now and I never see anything about wakeboarding in IN. Very few people on my lake ride, so if there are any of you IN riders let me know! WE can meet up.

shredhead 04-27-2004 9:29 AM

I ride/ski/foot, sun up till ?, most weekends on Lake James.

indywakechica 04-27-2004 11:14 AM

Check out this post: <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/53686/102528.html?1082816438" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/53686/102528.html?1082816438</a> We're out there. So where do you ride? We go all over the place.

zleartsu 04-27-2004 11:56 AM

Hope <BR>I ride on Sylvan lake, it is in rome city. Its an ok lake to ride on during the week days. I am looking to go out this friday, I get off work at 11. I think that I might be get a new board friday. Its called "the baller", its one of Gators 03 modles. If anyone is looking to ride, I can bring some gas money, food, and well whateles do you need to ride?

d_o_double_g 04-27-2004 12:34 PM

NO. NOBODY RIDES IN INDIANA. <BR> <BR>GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN. <BR> <BR>BRING HOT WOMEN - ENTRY FEE INTO TEXAS. <BR> <BR>END OF MESSAGE.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>

zleartsu 04-27-2004 12:39 PM

Dude soon as I am done with school I am moving to texas. I would roadie down there if I had a place to stay

d_o_double_g 04-27-2004 12:46 PM

Go to <a href="http://www.dallaswakeboarding.com" target="_blank">www.dallaswakeboarding.com</a> and check out the message board. There are always people offering pulls and places to stay. Just post a message, introduce yourself, and make some new friends. Come on down, the water is warming up!!

zleartsu 04-27-2004 1:45 PM

thanks dude, <BR>I would offer you a spot in my spare bed room, but who the h_ll wants to come to IN.

malibu36 04-27-2004 5:48 PM

zach- im up in crown point (NW), and neo aka- "the chosen one" is out here too. once the weather gets better and im home for a weekend youll have to make the journey and ride the Holiday

zleartsu 04-28-2004 6:28 AM

Todd I am up for it! I went out this last saturday. It wasnt as cold as I thought it would be. I am thinking about having a cookout friday. If your up for it let me know. How far is CP from Rome City, PM me with your address I throw it in map finder and see!

ripr 04-28-2004 7:16 AM

Neo, checkin' in. Thanks for the pull a few weeks ago, Todd. <BR>Zach- CP is about 130 miles from Rome City.

indywakechica 04-28-2004 7:25 AM

Just checked out where Rome city is...you're way up there. If you're ever down further south holla. We pretty much go anywhere 1-2 hours from Indy.

fox 04-28-2004 7:55 AM

Hope, <BR> <BR>You going to the INT at Fairlawn end of May? Just wondering how big the crowd might be. <BR> <BR>ERic

zleartsu 04-28-2004 8:13 AM

Hope, I have an uncle that lives in fischers. How far are you from there? <BR> <BR>Neo, 130 thats not that bad of a road trip. You have a place I can crash for the night? I might have to bring a friend or two to keep me company on the way down. WE can bring a case or two with us! <BR> <BR>What kind of boards do you guys ride? If your intrested in Gator Boards I got a pretty good hook up!

ripr 04-28-2004 8:22 AM

Zach, <BR>My wife and I actually live in Cedar Lake, but my in laws have a place on Lake Holiday (CP)with a MC there. Todd lives in the same development as my in laws. He's got a fat bachelor pad that may be more suitable for you guys. You may want to check with him. <BR>Let me know when you guys come out, we'll ride for sure.

zleartsu 04-28-2004 8:44 AM

NAW I will be sure to let you know when I come up. I wish I had a nice boat to pull you guys(and myself). I have a 95 bayliner, i think its 17'. This is my second summer on Sylvan and I work my butt of this winter tring to meet all the people with better boats than I have. <BR>I rode behind a 23' tige, man 50,000 can buy you a really nice boat. the place where I get my boards sells Gekko Boats. they said they would bring one up this summer for a couple days. When they do I let you all know!

indywakechica 04-28-2004 9:03 AM

Eric not going to that as far as I know...hadn't heard the hubby or any of my guys talk about it either. Post up the details. <BR> <BR>Zach I'm really close to Fishers. I work in Carmel and it's like 15 minutes or so from there. I just got me a new Era this year. Can't wait to get out there and really get on it. Only been out once so far and was so much faster than my old hoopty so I sucked it up pretty bad. Hopefully that was just cobwebs and adjustment to the new board.

zleartsu 04-28-2004 9:21 AM

Hope, I can't wait to ride with you guys, my girlfriend is jsut starting, well she hasn't started yet, but she is when it gets warmer. I will bringher down with me. <BR>I have been out once this year, but I was really rusty. I think some of that had to do with the fact that I drive my EX jeep grand cherokee into a tree. My shoulder was fracture and I spain my ankle. I am going to try and ride tonight!

zleartsu 04-28-2004 12:47 PM

Man, it may be to windy to ride today thats sucks!

ddoubleu 04-28-2004 3:30 PM

zach do you think you will still be around indy july? or anybody else from indy i wiil be out there and always want to ride so hit me up

indywakechica 04-28-2004 6:40 PM

Yeah Zach for sure! Definitely bring your girl...I hardly ever get any girls out with me. I've taken some of my girlz but haven't gotten them hooked yet. Be careful though...once she's hooked the gifts get more expensive <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> I'm hoping to meet up with lots of the folks on here this summer.

deiselgrover 04-29-2004 5:52 AM

Zach, come on down to Indy any time, Hope and I will give you a pull. We hit a lot of different lakes around Central Indiana. Let us know if you are going to be down this way.

zleartsu 04-29-2004 6:13 AM

Rod/hope, I am game for about anytime. I don't know what the weather is going to be like but we could plan something for next weeken or the weeken after that! I not sure if my girldfriend has finals this coming week or the next. I will check with her and get back to you! <BR> <BR>I didn;t get to ride yesturday, my brother and I are rebuilding a pontoon so we were finishing that up yesturday!!

zleartsu 04-29-2004 6:56 AM

Hope, i jsut talked to my girlfriend and she does have finals next week, which would be the 8th. the weeken after that we are both free. Lets look at hooking up and rideing for a day or two.

indywakechica 04-29-2004 9:25 AM

I'm sure we'll be going somewhere. PM one or both of us and we'll hook something up.

zleartsu 05-02-2004 3:14 AM

I dont know if anyone one eles noticed this friday, but looking off my deck on to the silky smooth water, i am talking rain holding off till saturday, which it did rain all day. It was an IN wakeboarders dream(I know its not CA or FL) and I have no boat!

riderx77 05-03-2004 7:42 AM

if you feel like trippin to cincy, let me know. we've been riding since feb. <BR> <BR>kb

zleartsu 05-03-2004 9:18 AM

Kirk, <BR>I jsut sold a board to a guy that lives in Cincy, his name is ryan. I know that he is looking to go out maybe you guys could hook up and ride togather. PM me and I will give you his e-mail. As for me, pick a weekend and I get a couple of my friends and we will make the trip!! you have room for a stay over, because its about a 3.5 four hour trip!!

zleartsu 05-05-2004 6:36 AM

I found an x10 in rochester. I will be riding this weeken! I can't wait. Has anyone rode behind one?

newonthelake 05-07-2004 8:41 AM

Zach, <BR> <BR>I just bought a place on Sylvan (in the Narrows) and a 2004 Glastron. My friend and I are looking to improve our wakeboard skills. ( I am sure we are not in the same class of riders that you are.) Perhaps we can ride together and you could show us a few things. How can I contact you? <BR> <BR>Mike

zleartsu 05-07-2004 8:54 AM

Hey Michael. U can give me a call. I live by the boat ramp. I have a potoon sitting out in front of my house with a maroon cover on it. Its right by the tunnel. my house phone is 260-854-4809. I will be gone this weeken, but my room mate will be at home and he would love to ride, just call and leave a message or ask for Zach or Jeigh!

zleartsu 05-07-2004 8:57 AM

Hey I jsut checked out, your web sit, I know which house you got. that is a nice house! I hope you enjoy!! Look us up! I know you will see us riden around!

newonthelake 05-07-2004 10:39 AM

Zach / Jeigh, <BR> <BR>I put your number in my PDA. I will call you guys once my boat is delivered. (Week of 5/24). In the meantime, might you have a suggestion regarding a good starting board. I need one that is easy to get up and ride, as I would like to be able to get my wife and her friends involved in water sports as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. <BR> <BR>-Mike <BR>

zleartsu 05-11-2004 8:45 AM

Michael, <BR>I am planning on going out today. If you would like I can stop by and we can chat about the boards. I sell boards Gator boards. they make a couple good ones that are good for beginers! Let me know if you are going to be home or are going to be home and have a few extra mins!

newonthelake 05-11-2004 10:19 AM

Zach, <BR> <BR>You are very lucky. Hope your ride today was a good one. Work has me busy this time of year (funny that seems to apply most of the year) so no go on ride. However, I still want to have a board discussion with you. <BR> <BR>-Mike <BR> <BR>PS - Are you a poker player by any chance. I am hosting a Texas Hold em game (low buy in - maybe $40 ) here next week?

zleartsu 05-11-2004 10:54 AM

I am not, my dad and my roommates Jeigh and Chad(I had a new one move in this weekend) might want to play so I will pass the word along. <BR> <BR>I haven't gone out yet, I get off work at 5. My boat is going to be put in tomorrow, I jsut found that out. I think we might be taking out the 90 correct craft about 5 house from you! Red and white, sitting next to the pontoon thats sitting on a lift!!

r_dub 05-11-2004 10:58 AM

Hey Zach, Any word from Gator, on my board yet?

zleartsu 05-11-2004 11:04 AM

Ryan, check your e-mail <BR> <BR>Mike, <BR>look at wakeworld boards review for gator. Look at the OG 139. Thats what I suggust as a beginer. For a younger person I suggest blue 135 for a boy and lexy 130/135 fora girl.

zleartsu 05-12-2004 7:16 AM

Mike <BR>if your home around 5-530, keep and eye out for a white bayliner with a blue strip. the wait is over! my boat goes in the lake today!!!

zleartsu 05-18-2004 11:17 AM

MIke, <BR>I just relized that we have talked on the phone before, actually about 5 mins ago. I work at stewart brimner and lear. So if you ever need to talk about those boards give me a call and as for Zach!!

insanejackson 05-18-2004 1:49 PM

I grew up in Greenwood Indiana. Went to Center Grove High School. Bought my first wakeboard in 96. Graduated from Rose Hulman in 00 and there was still NO ONE riding in Indiana. My sisters went to Baylor U in Texas. I went down there to visit and noticed how Texas has all the hot chicks and there were tons of wakeboarder who rode almost all year round. <BR> <BR>I moved to Texas and have had the most fun in my life. I was riding 5 times a week and there are so many hotties down here (I just married the best one), it's unreal. They have incredible bodies too, not like the fat head case chicks in Indiana that I was accustom too. <BR> <BR>Anyways, get down here as quickly as possible. You'll thank me later. <BR> <BR>I'll be up there for race weekend though

zleartsu 05-20-2004 6:36 AM

Texas, my girlfriend and I are moving to texas as soon as i am done with school. Which will be about 2 years! Which sucks, but i guess that is what you get for partying for three years! MATT we will have to look you up when we are down there!! <BR>You can for sure hit me up race weeken too!

newonthelake 05-20-2004 11:08 AM

Zach, <BR> <BR>Small world, eh. I suppose that your are the Lear part of S,B, &amp; L., huh. Mandy told me that one of the owners had a place on Sylvan. I think it was her or Destiny I hit up for some tips on other lakes and good places to eat/drink. <BR> <BR>My boat is still not in. The guys at the Marina are really cool - they are going to loan me a toon for the weekend. <BR> <BR>I am having a bunch of guys up this weekend. If you are out stop by. We will probably puts on by your place some time some time Sat and see if you are around. <BR> <BR>-Mike <BR> <BR>(Message edited by NewOnTheLake on May 20, 2004)

zleartsu 05-20-2004 11:24 AM

Mike, <BR>yeah my dad is one of the owners. So gave me a job so I could take a break from school for a year, but my year is coming up soon. Really I am done the June second. I pry won't be around much saturday. My girlfriend is having surgury. I drive a Burnt red Jeep Cherokee. IF you see that sitting out side my house than I am there and you are more than welcome to stop by. We were out yesturday and I honk as we floated by your house. I know it is one of two house but I not sure which one of the two. Tonight if the rain holds off which the radar says its going to. I will pry take a couple laps around 7. I will hit the horn as we roll by. If you hear us yell at to us!! White bayliner with a blue strip on it!

midwestrider 05-20-2004 11:46 AM

Hey Zach, glad to hear you drumming up a crowd in Indiana. Have you heard of Midwest Wakefest? If not, check out <a href="http://www.midwestwakefest.com" target="_blank">www.midwestwakefest.com</a> for details. It is an awesome wakeboarding festival that goes off in July. I went 2 years ago and had a great time. It is a great place to meet other people from the midwest. <BR> <BR>Hey Hope, where do you guys normally ride? I don't have my own boat, so I ride in a few different places. I live on the westside of town in Avon and go out to Racoon alot on weekends with some of my wife's friends. My cousin has a 1987 MC Prostar 190 towered, and sacked out that we ride Morse Reservoir alot on. When we go to Morse, we usually get out around 6am because by 9am, it gets really busy. Plus if you are off the water by 11am, you get half of your launch fee back. We usually see several wakeboard boats up there, but we haven't talked to to many of them. For some reason our "old" boat must make us inferior. <BR> <BR>Good thread Zach, I know it sure would be great to hook up with more local riders. Peace out. <BR> <BR>Jb

midwestrider 05-20-2004 11:48 AM

Oh I forgot to mention Zach, if you didn't know, the Vans Triple Crown has a stop in Indy in August. That usually brings together alot of Indiana's riders, another opportunity to meet more peoples from the state. <BR> <BR>Jb

zleartsu 05-20-2004 12:29 PM

JOsh, <BR>thanks for the info. I know its kind of a drive but anytime your around the fort wayne area, look me up I'll give you a pull! I will be at the Vans Tripple Crown its the only big thing that rolls through IN and all the tours, fully committe, back yard, and LF are all going to be there. I pumped!

zleartsu 05-21-2004 6:30 AM

MIke, <BR>I am not sure what the weather is going to be like, but if there is any chance for my guys to ride we will. U have my Cell number look us up. <BR> <BR>My girlfriend is in the middle of surgury right now! Wish her luck!!!

newonthelake 05-24-2004 12:46 PM

Zach, <BR> <BR>Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your girlfriend. <BR> <BR>-Mike <BR>

reddog25cf 05-24-2004 1:14 PM

If anyone is coming up to Monticello, we got an '04 X Star and we'd be willing to give a pull. We're on Shafer... if you wanna ride, hit me up either on here or email me at <a href="mailto:scawby@midwaynet.net">scawby@midwayne t.net</a>. <BR> <BR>I'm really hoping to make it to MWWF this year. Sounds like too much fun to miss for the 3rd year in a row.

zleartsu 05-24-2004 1:33 PM

Sean <BR>O4 X star, now thats worth the drive! How is the water on Shafer? <BR> <BR>Mike, thanks I will let angie know, but she has pretty much recovered. The guys and I are going out tonight around 530, so keep an eye on the the narrows. We have been riding in an aztec crow latley. If you want a pull just yell out to us!!

reddog25cf 05-24-2004 1:37 PM

Zach... <BR>Since it's kind of a tourist lake (Indiana Beach.... "There's more than cooooorn in Indiana....") it can get kind of busy on the weekends, especially between Memorial Day and Labor Day. However, during the week the water's still pretty good.

reddog25cf 05-24-2004 1:41 PM

Right now, we just got 2 side sacs in the rear storage along with the factory ballast and normally 3-6 people. We are planning on getting two full sacs and puttin them in the rear and moving the side sacs to the front storage areas. We're also building a slider which should be done this week. I'll take pictures when I get a chance...

cinder1995 05-24-2004 1:51 PM

That's funny as hell. I've lived in Florida most of my life but I was born in Monticello. I haven't heard of Indiana Beach since I was little. Is it still open?

reddog25cf 05-24-2004 1:55 PM

Hell yea it's still open!!! We stop over there bout every other time we're out on the lake to go get tacos from the Taco Shoppe.... so good... love the green sauce .... then at some point throughout the summer we hit up the Rooftop Lounge... usually got a good band or two.... BTW, the older I get, the less I'm impressed with the ski show. However, mad props goes to the guy that barefoots through that choppyass water on those busy Saturday afternoons....

ripr 05-24-2004 6:20 PM

Haha, how funny you guys are talking about Indiana Beach. Many a memory that involve the rooftop and tacos. Is that go cart joint still right there? Haven't been down there in probably 5 years. <BR>My cousin has a camper down there ('04 Black X-7) and another buddy of mine has a cottage semi-close to the boardwalk ('00 Red/white X-Star). <BR>We've got decent water early down there. But once you see the rental boats out it's all over!

cinder1995 05-25-2004 5:23 AM

That's funny. I remember the taco's and the ski show. Back in the late 70's early 80's my older sister use to ride in the ski show and her boyfriend was the driver for the show. <BR> <BR>Damn, I feel old now.

reddog25cf 05-25-2004 6:26 AM

NAW... are you talking about the go cart place across the road from the campground? There's actually a few go kart places around Monticello and near the beach. I don't think I've seen the X-7 out, but I think I've seen the '00 X Star. There is an X-9 on Shafer also. It belongs to the Roth's (if you're familiar with local businesses, it's Greg and Rusty Roth from Roth Jewelers). And yes, the rental boats are a good sign of it going to get busy, however we normally ride north of Lowe's Bridge. Rental boats are not allowed to go past Lowe's. My place is prolly bout a mile north of Lowe's Bridge. Definitely some good parties down by the sandbar when it's too busy though. <BR> <BR>Eric, <BR> You wouldn't happen to remember what the boat driver's name was do ya? My girlfriend's dad used to drive for the ski show, but I'm not real sure when he did it. His name is Mike Vincz.

ripr 05-25-2004 6:41 AM

Yeah, that's the one. I also remember this one lame dance club called 'Excursions' or something. lol <BR>My cousin just got the X-7 this year. I'm sure you'll see it down there this summer. I think his camper is near Lowe's bridge. I've ridden up there also. Shallow, but nice water. <BR>I'm hoping to get down there again this year. Look for my boat if you're out there (profile). We'll have a cold one. <BR> <BR>

reddog25cf 05-25-2004 6:45 AM

Excursions isn't there anymore. It actually shut down and opened back up as Dock's Inn (little po-dunk bar) then that closed and it has recently reopened as Sayler's Bar and Grill. Pretty hoppin place... Pretty nice sound system and always pretty busy on the weekends. If you're serious about getting together, email me when you're gettin ready to come down <a href="mailto:scawby@midwaynet.net">scawby@midwayne t.net</a>. Or call me 574-278-6494

ripr 05-25-2004 7:12 AM

cool, thanks Sean. I'll hit you up when we see how the other weekend trips this year play out. <BR> <BR>If anything, don't miss MWWF '04!

reddog25cf 05-25-2004 8:08 AM

We ought to all get together and get a train goin to MWWF. I think it'd be nice to have a nice size group meet up before we get to MWWF, that way we already got a party crowd and THEN meet up with the rest of the crowd when we get there. Also, when we got a group like that BEFORE we get there, it's more likely that we'll all get together another time and place just to ride and party together. Mini-MWWF if you will. Maybe even an IWF (Indiana Wake Fest)? Hmm... we'd need a new name though... haha.... Hoosier Hodown... hmmm... nah... any other ideas? <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

cinder1995 05-25-2004 8:17 AM

Sean <BR>I can't remember his full name, but his first name was Ron.

reddog25cf 05-25-2004 8:18 AM

Eric, <BR> I see... what's your older sister's name?

midwestrider 05-25-2004 8:45 AM

Hey Sean or NAW, if you guys are serious about getting a train organized, that would be cool. I have thought about going this year, but I am not sure if I am going to have a ride. Do either of you have room for me and a buddy perhaps? <BR> <BR>We went 2 years ago and had a great time, but my cousin's boat got trashed on a wingdam. He has not expressed any desire to return since that incident. I may be able to talk him into it this year, but I doubt it. <BR> <BR>So if you guys will have room let me know and we can work out some specifics. Thanks. <BR> <BR>Jb <BR> <BR>

reddog25cf 05-25-2004 8:53 AM

I don't even have any idea how I am going to get there... but I know that I <i>really</i> want to go... and I'm sure if I do go I'll have at least 2 or 3 people coming with. So depending on what we're driving (don't even know if we're gonna take the boat) we might have room. Might have to have you drive up to us first then we'll leave from there. But hey, we still got some time to work out details. I'm sure we can work something out to where you can hitch a ride.

midwestrider 05-25-2004 9:18 AM

I'm sorry Sean, I am not talking about a vehicle, I mean a spot on a boat if there was any confusion there. Actually my buddy and I both have vehicles that can tow a boat, he has a Chevy Silverado and I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Driving wherever is not an issue, we would even be willing to tow if necessary. <BR> <BR>Jb

cinder1995 05-25-2004 9:18 AM

Sean <BR>Her name is Becky Garling.

ripr 05-25-2004 9:40 AM

Josh, I live up in NW Indiana, so Ottawa is just an hour or two down 80 for me. Since the company I rep for is a sponsor, I will be going down Wednesday night or Thursday to set up and catch up with some old friends. It will actually be like working for me...if you can believe that. <BR>But, as far as boat rides are concerned...I'll be running demo's in my boat all day Friday and some on Saturday. As will some other marinas/dealers/promo people. If I have room, anyone is welcome. If I don't have room on that run, I'll either make room or make sure you get on another boat. <BR>Also, there's been a big discussion at <a href="http://forums.wakeboarder.com/viewtopic.php?t=19528&amp;postdays=0&amp;postorder =asc&amp;start=0" target="_blank">http://forums.wakeboarder.com/viewtopic.php?t=19528&amp;postdays=0&amp;postorder =asc&amp;start=0</a> about MWWF. Lots of good info and good people who are more than willing to give pulls. Just bring a few bucks for gas and you're all good. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you. <BR> <BR>Later, <BR>Neil

reddog25cf 05-25-2004 10:03 AM

Josh <BR> My bad, I thought you were talking about a carpool kinda deal. I'm going to do my best to take the X Star. My cousin actually bought the boat, and I live in the lakehouse he owns, but me and my friends put all the gas in it and wipe it down and take immaculate care of it. Figured it's the least we could do for him buying the boat that we take out all week and he comes over bout every other weekend and goes out in it. I mentioned in a previous post that we're building a slider (more of a fun box), but if we can take sliders to MWWF, I might be interested in one of you guys towing it out there for us. Who knows, just a bunch of ideas goin through my head.

hockeynriding03 05-25-2004 7:57 PM

Anyone here ride on Geist Resivour?

zleartsu 05-26-2004 6:29 AM

Where is that?

reddog25cf 05-26-2004 6:36 AM

I do believe that Geist is in, or somewhere close to Indy.

reddog25cf 05-26-2004 6:44 AM

Hope-- <BR> You and whoever you ride with ought to make a trip up to Shafer and hang out and party and ride with my crew. <BR> <BR>Actually that invitation is open to anyone, but it's always cool to see a girl ride... Maybe be a little motivation to get my girlfriend to get out and ride more.

hockeynriding03 05-26-2004 7:12 AM

Geist is on the northeast side of Indianapolis near Fishers and Lawrence. Its in Hamilton County about five mins from the I-69 exit in Fishers.

zleartsu 05-26-2004 7:16 AM

i have an uncle that lives in Fischers. When we should ride some weeken! I am about 2 hours away!

d_o_double_g 05-26-2004 7:17 AM

Damn me and my smarta$$ comments: <BR> <BR><i>"NO. NOBODY RIDES IN INDIANA. <BR> <BR>GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN. <BR> <BR>BRING HOT WOMEN - ENTRY FEE INTO TEXAS. <BR> <BR>END OF MESSAGE."</i> <BR> <BR>One little post and 75 post later, I'm all up to date on the local Indiana riding scene. You guys just need to get off this topic, and get out and ride. You're welcome in Texas anytime if for the LOVE OF GOD, you will just start a new thread. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>

fox 05-26-2004 1:22 PM

Gee it's really horrible that the "Hoosiers" are organizing into groups who might go out and have fun together...what a horrible concept. <- Now that's sarcasm double O. <BR> <BR>ERic

reddog25cf 05-26-2004 2:04 PM

D O -- HA HA.... wish I could get off this topic and go out and ride... but there's that silly little thing that gets in the way of that... wait... what's it called? Oh yea.... A JOB.... lol... If you notice, you don't see me posting anytime past 5 o'clock... haha... <BR> <BR>

indywakechica 05-26-2004 6:06 PM

Sean for sure! We may actually be up that way next weekend. We're normally at Freeman though since our friends have a lake house on dat one. I may be able to talk em into heading over that way at some point though.

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