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04-24-2004 8:50 AM

I have a 2001 17 ft Glastron 115 HP Outboard/A great tower and about 700LBS od extra weight-the wake seems ok-Can I expect to do 360s and maybe some basic inverts off this wake? or should I trade it in for a Moomba Mobius-Its a huge price difference and I dont want to buy into all the hype especially if what i have is enough boat. the wake seems like its sending me out with alot of speed and not as much height all the time-i can do 180s easily but the rope seems very tight to pull a 360. Help!!!

pittsy 04-25-2004 9:17 PM

Go with the Moomba, a wakeboarding boat will always help you learn and become better

04-26-2004 4:36 PM

FYI, with bad form (you are not advancing yourself off the top of the wake by pulling on the rope) the rope on a HS FS 360 will feel tight behind a new X-Star with 2500 lbs of ballast. Nothing wrong with a new boat if you can afford it but don't expect it to fix all your wakeboard woes. My two cents . . .

alanp 04-28-2004 11:28 PM

your boat should be fine. work on technique. doesnt quiet sound like youre ready to try 360s but i have a friend that learned them behind a jet ski. good luck

wkbrderx5 04-29-2004 9:26 AM

u dont need a 20 or 30 thousand dollar boat to do 360's... i learned them on a jetski and can ollie 360.. its all about the pull, make sure you pull with BOTH hands not just one! and also make sure your not charging the wake on this trick, it should be a nice prog. edge. pop first pull second. this will make all the diff! good luck

05-04-2004 4:58 PM

Thanks for the help.

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