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goth2o 04-23-2004 2:26 PM

Well Folks I am Leaving the Central Coast of Cali, and heading to Oklahoma City! <BR> Now this I swhere I need some help! I want to know the BEST areas to ride and Buy a House! I would Love to buy a house on a Lake so Give me some good pointers. I need to get ahold of some realtors and start the process before I get out there in Sept. <BR> Im looking for Great riding, Great people and a place I can kick back. <BR> This sit ehas Always hooked me up in the past , so steeer me in the right direction! G

greg2 04-23-2004 6:23 PM

Gary, isn't that a little close to TX for Michelle? You also need to look at your priorities...house before the boat?? <BR> <BR>One last thing...at least you know where you're going.

doug2 04-23-2004 6:31 PM

Draper and Thunderbird are close. I live in Norman about 10 miles from Tbird. No houses on either lake. Is your move job related? Given the option I'd head up towards Tulsa and Grand Lake. Anyways Tbird during the week is nice, too many idiots on the weekend. Arcadia up in Edmond is okay. Always Texoma, Eufala and Grand lake for long weekends. <BR> <BR>Norman is a great college town with good schools, which are hard to find in OK. <BR> <BR>As for realtors we used Keller-Williams, a local company. Let me know if I can help with anything... <BR> <BR>D

doug2 04-23-2004 6:33 PM

I'm currently at Tinker (for what its worth.) Lompoc is near Vandenburg???

fuel 04-23-2004 7:28 PM

I've heard great things about Broken Bow. A close friend of mine used to live in Oklahoma. He loved it. He said the people were super nice. He also said to stay east of I-35. <BR>

goth2o 04-24-2004 11:57 AM

Greg- Yeah at least I do know where I am going! I wasnt expecting it! I am pretty fortunate that I will have water all around me! Now all you have to do is get there too! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed........ <BR> <BR>Doug yes it is work related and yes I am coming to Tinker! How long have you been there? So far it looks like I am going to loook to but a house in either Norman or Edmund, which is a better area? I have been looking on Realtor .com, and have seen a lot of homes for like 89K-120K, which is amazing considering out here in Cali they are all 350k+++++. Any info you can give is great, like, Hows Tinker? Are you Mil, or Civ? How long have you been there? My priority right now is to get all my ducks in a row. Do you suggest renting a house first? How far is the commute from these towns? How much is gas there currently, we pay 2.21 for the cheap stuff! How close are you to the lake from your house? I would love to have a house on a lake and a private dock, but if thats not possible or practical , as long as I am close to the water and can ride after work say EVERYDAY(lol), I will be happy. Anything is better than my current situation, which is the closest lake is 2 hours away! <BR> <BR>I also talked to my Malibu Dealer here in Cali and he is going to hook me up, either with the dealer there, or he will get me the boat. Hows the Maibu dealer there? I think the name is "Wilson Watersports"? <BR> <BR>I knew this site would take some of the Stress off of my move! Thank you all and keep the posts coming ~G

doug2 04-24-2004 7:56 PM

Greg- <BR> <BR>I am mil, prefer to talk offline though... Been at KTIK for 1.5 years. <BR> <BR>Haven't been into Wilson's, but they had the best setup at the boat show... <BR> <BR>Your CA dollar goes a long way here in OK. We moved from NorCal to AZ in '96 and I was amazed. OKC is just ridiculous. Cost of living doesn't get any lower... Cheap stuff last week was $1.65. You can definitely ride everyday after work. Draper is literally five minutes from base. Don't have a cohesive AF crew, but several guys (and some civ) haul boats to work... <BR> <BR>Call my cell 405-919-7236. I'd be happy to help out. Are you taking a house hunting trip? <BR> <BR>Remember, OK has more miles of shoreline than the Gulf and East Coast combined. Just don't tell anyone<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/smile.gif" border=0>. <BR> <BR>D

supradoug 04-25-2004 10:05 PM

Gary, if you had a good dealer in Cali, your going to get a great one with Wilson's. Todd and Laura and great people. I would look in Norman or around Tinker. We are 5 min from Draper and about 15 From T-Bird.

goth2o 04-26-2004 8:46 AM

Great news thanx! I have been doing a lot of research on the place and, I am really stoked to be coming there! The transition will be a little hard but Im sure it will be WELL worth it. Doug2 has been helping me out a lot! So once I get settled Im going to need a crew!!! who's in? <BR> Greg and I were riding in 45 degree water all winter so cold water does not bother me! <BR> Good news about the dealer thought thank you. I will be buying a boat around boat show time frame! I have to get a house, wife a job etc, so from untill Sept-Feb I will be the king mooch on OK! I am good for gas , cleaning , driving etc...Im a good third I promise, just ask Greg <BR> Speaking of Greg, He has found riding in Korea!!! Only him!! Greg can we take out the VLX????kidding!

udlose 04-28-2004 7:21 PM

Hey guys...I live in Wichita KS. and have heard that Skytook (SP?) over kinda bye Ponca is a VERY nice lake...very simaler to Table Rock....Also I will be going to Eufaula (SP?) for the Festival in Aug. and will be bringing some boats with me....Maybe we can all hook up this summer!!!

supradoug 04-28-2004 8:17 PM

Yea Gary for sure you need to be at Lake Eufaula the first weekend of August for SPF. One of the largest amatuer wakeboard festivals in the US. Would compare to Boardstock.....

lake_side 04-29-2004 8:56 AM

I myself work at tinker,Edmond is farther than Norman.I live in Yukon which is a great place a little closer than the others and alot less crowded.Eufaula is 1:45 away from Tinker but has some nice homes shot me a email about what you would like to no more of,by the way do you have any kids.

goth2o 04-29-2004 9:46 AM

Thanx Robert, I want to buy in a good area because if I have to move quik, I wanna sell quik. <BR>Thats why I am thinking Norman. Close to work, Close to lake, etc. how long have you been there? <BR>nope, no Kids, just a Chocolate lab named Mud....

lake_side 04-30-2004 8:31 AM

I've been in Yukon for 14 years went to high school there then never made it out.We have a cool lake to the west of us called FT.Cobb and it is alot cleaner plus not as many people.My sister happens to have a couple of rent houses in norman.

marcm 05-02-2004 10:56 AM

The pro tour will be going through Missouri at the lake of the Ozarks. The shop there is Skiers Wharf Extreme. That shop is GREAT! They just put a new shop in Arkansas at Bever Lake. IF you have time you should stop by.

eas 05-03-2004 8:51 AM

sorry to get off topic..... <BR> <BR>robert: talk to me about ft. cobb a little bit? i live in the tuttle area and have thought about going out to ft. cobb. it's a little further than t-bird for me, but it may be worth it on weekends. how's the crowd on sat/sun? how about friday evenings? what about protected riding area...from the south wind i mean? are the coves rocky/stumpy/otherwise dangerous? thanks for the info. maybe we can hook up and meet out there for a ride some time. <BR>later.....eric

lake_side 05-03-2004 9:21 AM

The water is alot cleaner as far as people there is not that many.I haven't found a area that people hook up at and party like Draper or Thunderbird. Man as far as the cove's I don't beach my boat the area's we went into to board have looked ok it seems we are always out on the water.The wind haven't really thought about I'm sure you can find a decent area,but this is Oklahoma.I can be in the water in the same time at any of the lakes but as far as cops none out west and hardly see them on Ft.Cobb good thing for me.

eas 05-03-2004 10:50 AM

where do you put in? is there a specific area or ramp that's better than others? does it cost to launch out there? i guess i need to just make a trip out there to explore the area a bit....thanks for the info. if you ever see a blue and white sunsetter with a black titan tower, holler at me.

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