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04-13-2002 2:55 PM

Does ne body know if it would work if i custom drilled holes in my rythem 134 and put some trip fins on them if it would work for better tracking and a batter overall board? ne body ever try this

04-14-2002 12:52 PM

If you do it make sure the water can't get to the foam on the inside of the board or it will ruin it. It will void your warranty for sure. I personally wouldnt do it and it would be hard to do right but do what you gotta do

04-14-2002 4:20 PM

Chris, <BR> <BR>You can drill holes anywhere in your board and it won't hurt the foam since it's closed-cell foam. You will void the warranty of course. The only problem you might run into is drilling them correctly so that they are perfectly straight. Also be careful when you tighten the bolts that you don't crush the board...

04-14-2002 4:25 PM

thanks for the input...i am not sure if i am gonna try it or not <BR> <BR>depends on how well I do this season <BR> <BR>lata

i mean, you don't have to customise it to fit them on a trip 04-19-2002 9:23 PM

try and make it symetrical if you do... put some cupped fins and not trip fins if you can... i did put some on my trip and cant wait to see how it react... they fit in the same holes(i mean, you don't have to customise it to fit them on a trip)...

04-19-2002 9:54 PM

thanks man......i am totally stoked, i am movin to a lake in NY, if ne lives near buffalo or rochester around there, give me a holla

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