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04-09-2002 1:22 AM

i'm curious what involves getting higher than my tower? i'm riding on a 2002 super air nat, team edition. we fill all the ballasts, i ride about 20-22 mph. <BR> <BR>i believe i'm edging all the way though the wake, not flattening out, or olliein' <BR> <BR>my friends tell me that i'm getting as high as the tower, but i want more air. what tips would you reccomend? or am i just daydreaming?

04-09-2002 6:15 AM

Think about line tension. Loading the line gives you all your height. Edging all the way through is important, but without generating energy in the line, your height is just coming from speed and wake size. <BR> <BR>As you edge in, really concentrate on a progressive edge. Come in slow and think about building resistance on the line. Try to rip the tower off or slow the boat down! The boat will always win, but if you time it so that you have the max resistance possible as you leave the wake, you will get a serious boost! <BR> <BR>Jason

han Ng (ngthing) on Tues 04-09-2002 2:28 PM

hmm, I think you're right. I remember cutting out far into the flats, and then coming in to get the pop. I do edge all the way through the wake, but I do not try to rip off the tower, it's more of a moderate pull. <BR> <BR>I'll give that a shot, but it is possible to get higher than the tower? <IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)">

04-10-2002 2:51 AM

fark oath it is!!! <BR> <BR>watch any wakeboard movie!! <BR> <BR> <BR>check out the MASSIVE tantrum in Natural born thrillaz, just after Cobe's carving in the butter water...

04-10-2002 5:46 AM

Cool, let us know how it turns out! <BR> <BR>Jason

04-14-2002 10:53 PM

you want true air, master the double up, here is my railey off the double, i would say a good 15-18 feet, with a 73' rope <IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/16241.jpg" ALT="raileydouble">

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