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04-01-2002 1:37 PM

I cant find the right binding for me.......I tried the super suction...could not get in them at all. Tryed the multi suction, too loose. Are the exo-sucitons any good. Does any one have them. Do the Lace-ups make it a lot easier to get into. Are they a comfortable binding.............also does any one have ne tips for getting into bindings, i have an inboard/outboard boat with no plank on the back and it is a pain in the ass to get into bindings in the water. lata.

04-01-2002 2:51 PM

Chris when I used to have an I/O I would dip my board and put some Newt Juice on and sit on the swim deck facing the front of the boat with the board in the back seat. Once buckled in just roll up on your back and scoot over to the side of the boat and down into the water. Worked for me

04-01-2002 5:22 PM

THanks for the help, but with my boat, the engine cover and sh** gets in the way which smashes up my board and the seat is not like u describe it. O well.

Obrien 04-01-2002 9:11 PM

try the plush pros (Obrien) or deep suctions (LF). they are both easy to get into and comfy. also, i usually put my bindings on in the water and have no problems with that. <BR>later

04-02-2002 3:19 PM

If you want ease to get on try the CWB Mobes, they are great bindings and are just soo easy with the lace up system. Just use a little watered down dish soap and you are fine to put them on in the water. A lot of binding slimes are good for when the binding is outta the water and they dissolve when you put it in the water. Dish soap won't, once your foot is in just splash about a bit to get it all off. Even if your foot comes out after a fall they are easy to get on without a lube. <BR> <BR>I have an i/o and it works easy for me. <BR> <BR>Good luck

wake_n_skate789 09-04-2002 6:50 PM

exo suctions are sick. i rode sum on my vacation rele comfy and lace tight

thephatone 09-05-2002 10:18 AM

shaving cream is 94 cents at walmart. it disolves instantly in water, and one can lasts almost all summer (depending on how much you get to ride).

09-18-2002 5:25 PM

}I had the same problem getting into my bindings as well. Especially after slammin the water.I just purchased my self a pair of Hyperlite 3060's. In the store I tried on every pair of bindings in the shop and the only ones that I found that would able me to gettin to real easy are the 3060's and the Belmonts (Belmonts especally because of the Option 2 strap and laces).

09-19-2002 10:34 AM

I have the Hyperlite Spin bindings easy to get into in the water, easier than skis actually, just lace up and bamm! your in, but if I get more than 7ft of air my feet slip a bit, I think I would go with 3060's next year or belmonts, belmonts lace up in the back wich makes for super easy entry. <BR> <BR>-Matt

09-21-2002 7:22 AM

i ride with a pair of '02 highbacks, the design is a few years old but man what a snugg fit! I have no problem getting into them either...highly reccomended.

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